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Topic: New case
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Jan 21, 2004 01:50PM)
I picked up a beautiful metallic tool case at the Home Depot. I put a nice foam lining in it, and it is turning out to be the best magic case I own.

I still have a question however. I am thinking of putting some material along the sides and top with pockets sewn in it so that I can store various decks and props and save room. Any suggestion how to do this and how to attach the actual material?


Message: Posted by: Jeff Haas (Jan 22, 2004 02:25AM)
Get a stiff piece of plastic cut to smaller than the inside of the lid, cover it with the material and build the pockets into it. Use Velcro to hold it in place against the lid -- get the kind with the sticky back, so you stick one side to the metal lid and the other to the board.

This would allow you to have a couple of different boards and swap them for different shows.

(Haven't built it, but it sounds like it would work!)

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jan 22, 2004 09:09AM)
If this tool case is like the ones I have from there, there is a removable panel with tool pockets in it. You can replace that with a similar panel of your own making. Also, the sides of these cases usually have masonite panels covered with foam to wedge the dividers in. Cut new masonite (or use the old dividers) and attach the pockets ,etc., to them. Make the pockets like bags, so that they are sealed on three sides and have a flap with a velcro closure. Then glue or rivet them to the dividers. You need the flaps to keep things from falling out when you pick the case up.
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Jan 22, 2004 01:15PM)
Ok. Update.

I was laying in my bed pondering what to do with this case. I went through my inventory of all that I possess and I had an apiphonee. I have a small 12 CD portable case made out of a great, thick fabric in which to hold the CDs. I pulled out my razor blade and cut it all up. I then took some 3M spray on adhesive and glued them to the sides. I now have a GREAT case with very nice pockets on the sides for my packet tricks, decks, props etc. It looks great with the dark gray foam lining I just put in.

Now I just need to put some pockets and cases in the top of the lid. I will see what I can do with what you guys suggested. Thanks.

Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Mar 17, 2004 11:53AM)
I too have most of my stuff in a leather CD case with shoulder strap. Now looking for something larger now.