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Topic: TAOM travel advice
Message: Posted by: pixsmith (Aug 24, 2014 10:52PM)
If you're flying in to DFW for TAOM at the end of the week. you might not want to spend 35-40 dollars to get to the convention hotel. If you haven't arranged a less expensive ride, check this out.

For the princely sum of $2.50, you can ride to within a half mile (about a ten minute walk) of the convention hotel, to the heart of downtown Fort Worth. From there, it's probably pretty easy to get a ride that last little bit. From there, you can catch Molly the Trolley for front door service to the Worthington.


Monday to the airport isn't available on the train, but by then, you'll have all kinds of friends that ought to be happy to share a ride to DFW.

You can also take the rail from Dallas if you are arriving at Love Field (via Southwest). www.dart,orgg has details on that, but in short, you go to the light rail and then transfer to the TRE. Fare is $5