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Topic: Flux Made It Through The Leveling Process
Message: Posted by: General_Magician (Aug 25, 2014 07:55PM)
Well, the card trick, Flux, has made it through the leveling process. It will be in my paid gigs. Been performing it for strangers and it goes over very well. Excellent magic trick. I have been practicing it for some time and then started performing it for strangers and got even better at to where I am now comfortable to include the trick in paid gigs. Fun trick to perform and audiences really seem to enjoy and like it!
Message: Posted by: Montana76 (Aug 26, 2014 12:22PM)
I wish this was in Norwegian..
Message: Posted by: General_Magician (Aug 26, 2014 05:22PM)
[quote]On Aug 26, 2014, Montana76 wrote:
I wish this was in Norwegian.. [/quote]

It's unfortunate that it is not in Norwegian as well. I think you would really enjoy the trick. I performed it many times as part of my "Magic Mondays" to see if the trick is worth putting in a paid gig and to also improve my performance after practicing on it for awhile.
Message: Posted by: magicshayne (Aug 27, 2014 05:29AM)
It's a great effect I am currently working/creating my own gimmicks in the form of common names be great to have a specs name materialise onto the chosen card :-)
Message: Posted by: Montana76 (Aug 27, 2014 05:51AM)
Sounds fantastic. Sent you a pm:)
Message: Posted by: magicshayne (Aug 27, 2014 11:05AM)
Just replied to your pm m8 ;-)
Message: Posted by: General_Magician (Aug 28, 2014 06:49PM)
I performed this trick today at the tradeshow I worked. Went over very well. You know, I think this trick would be great for tradeshows if it can be customized, which it doesn't seem hard at all to customize. I need to send you a PM as well shayne.
Message: Posted by: Blindside785 (Sep 29, 2014 01:36AM)
You are right, such a fantastic effect. Started practicing this morning, easy handling to a great effect. Can't wait to test this on the general public.
Message: Posted by: Blindside785 (Nov 17, 2014 05:11PM)
Have performed it a few times and did it last night casually performing at a restaurant. Definitely going to keep it in my sets, I keep the cards behind the cellophane ready to go at any moment.