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Topic: Prism Dealing Shoe
Message: Posted by: Alex R. Weinberg (Aug 29, 2014 12:45AM)
Where do I buy a prism dealing shoe?
Message: Posted by: AMcD (Aug 29, 2014 01:19AM)
For what purpose? Real cheating? Demo?

I must warn you, it costs several grands...
Message: Posted by: Alex R. Weinberg (Aug 29, 2014 02:10AM)
For some mentalism mind reading effects. Why are they so expensive? Aren't they just plastic?
Message: Posted by: t-rabbit (Aug 29, 2014 07:55AM)
Hello Alex, prism shoes are expansive compared to normal shoes because they are rare, secrets, and time consuming to make. I seen a guy making a shoe, and it take several week to make one. Don't forget that prism shoes are not mass producted, they are handmade and every shoe is a unique piece, they are not just "plastic".

Some times ago I've made a post on one of the prism shoe I have:


The price is discussed in the thread. If you are interested, you can contact me by PM.
Message: Posted by: silverking (Aug 29, 2014 08:55AM)
[quote]On Aug 29, 2014, Alex R. Weinberg wrote:
Why are they so expensive? Aren't they just plastic? [/quote]

You might want to think on such a purchase a bit longer ... maybe a tad more research as well as to exactly what it is you're buying vs. what it is you're trying to accomplish.
The mentalism folks have all the required "props" needed for the craft pretty well covered, and [i]a prism shoe isn't one of them[/i].

There's a reason for that.

Just a thought.
Message: Posted by: AMcD (Aug 29, 2014 09:02AM)

Silver beat me for the answer.

Those items, they are not done for Magic purposes but for making money! They are secret devices, it takes a lot of energy and work to build them. It's not for showing off on stage :).

Prices can be mad, I can get you some for, well, up to 50 grand, just to give you an idea. And it's not for granted that the guys would accept to sell you one.

IMHO you should find a better alternative...
Message: Posted by: Jonathan C (Sep 5, 2014 10:45AM)
Out of interest, why do gaff shoes carry such a high price tag? The construction seems pretty basic and the workings have been well documented on various gambling videos.
Message: Posted by: silverking (Sep 5, 2014 02:23PM)
Supply and demand, as always.

You want a nice one, perhaps one that locks, and is deceptive enough for whatever you intend to use it for ... it's $1500.00+ to play.

If you want a demo shoe only, to expose the gimmick and just demonstrate the mechanics of the device to whomever, you can get the price down to around $250.00 or $300.00 if you make your own out of an existing shoe, and own the appropriate tools ... that's all presuming you can get your hands on the properly cut prism.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan C (Sep 5, 2014 04:59PM)
Thanks silverking. I would love to get my hands on one just for the sake of curiosity - especially one that has been made to match a casino version.
Message: Posted by: Alex R. Weinberg (Sep 12, 2014 12:12AM)
To update all of you I put down the cash and bought a Ray Carson shoe, which let me tell you was not easy to find. :)
Message: Posted by: silverking (Sep 12, 2014 12:59PM)
Good catch, especially without a current gambling auction from one of the big houses in progress.

Were you given the provenance on the shoe such that you're sure it's a Ray Carson item?

Ray Carson products are like Bill Gusias products (and many others) ... in that there always seem to be sellers out there laying claim to the name without actually knowing first hand what the item actually is.

It's a good idea to solidly understand yourself what trademark manufacturing techniques to look for in the piece to confirm the maker, and not depend 100% on the sellers statements ... [i]especially[/i] in a private sale, and even if you know the seller.
Many private sellers simply repeat what the guy who sold to them said ... without anything more to actually support of their statement as to a items maker.
Message: Posted by: silverking (Sep 12, 2014 02:11PM)
I should have noted that my comments above presume that you're [i]paying a premium[/i] for a Ray Carson peek-shoe ... and want to ensure your getting appropriate value by [i]actually getting[/i] a Carson piece.

If it were a shoe from a no-name maker, the concerns noted in my post become irrelevant.
Message: Posted by: Alex R. Weinberg (Sep 12, 2014 06:33PM)
Yes, silverking it is 100% authentic and costing me a pretty penny. I found this guy through a trusted friend. My friend and the seller have been friends for years. He is an older gentleman and bought the shoe from Ray Carson himself when Ray was still alive.
Message: Posted by: AMcD (Sep 12, 2014 07:03PM)
Bill Gusias items.. get your $ ready!