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Topic: A fellow magician who had a kidney transplant is back in hospital
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Jan 21, 2004 11:07PM)
Johnny, who is the brother-in-law and best friend to Café member Shadow, and a good friend of mine, had a kidney transplant last year. Tonight he was rushed to the hospital with signs of rejection of the new kidney.

Johnny is one of the world's really nice guys, and am incredibly creative magic mind.

Please pray for God's hand of healing mercy on Johnny, and there be no rejection of this kidney that has worked so well since the initial transplant.

And pray for his family, including Shadow, as they are rightfully concerned and needs God's grace and peace to make it though this trial.


UPDATE Jan 24 2004

Great News! God is Good. All of the time!

But most of us knew that, and that isn't really the news I spoke of. Johnny is not rejecting his new kidney after all.

Other conditions which are painful beyond description, but treatable, were diagnosed and Johnny was sedated and otherwise drugged with morphine to alleviate the pain and is on his way to recovery.

Thanks to any who prayed for Johnny!

May God richly bless you all!

Message: Posted by: GlenD (Jan 27, 2004 10:52AM)
Thank you for the update BroDavid! I am glad to hear that he isn't rejecting the new kidney after all and that he is in recovery. That's very good news indeed.

God bless you as well brother David.

Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Jan 29, 2004 12:50AM)
Hi BroDavid,

How is your friend doing these days? Hopefully he's on the road to recovery and I hope to hear that the news of his progress is good so far. Wishing him and his family best wishes.

Message: Posted by: Shadow (Feb 2, 2004 07:51PM)
Thanks to all who lifted Johnny and the family in prayer. What a wonderful resource the Café is, not only in Magic but in life itself.
Johnny is doing very well, he is back to normal or as close to it as he ever was<LOL>.
Glory to God, He is so good.

Thanks again,