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Topic: Psionic
Message: Posted by: The Magic Demon (Aug 31, 2014 08:17PM)
I love your brilliant "Psionic". It kills!

How were you inspired to create it?
Message: Posted by: Jason Palter (Aug 31, 2014 09:12PM)
Hi The Magic Demon:

Thank you for the compliments! Psionic [url=http://paltergeist.com/psionic.php]Psionic[/url] is a fun trick, and the reactions---as you've experienced---can be quite staggering!

I actually wasn't thinking of doing another blister trick to be honest, after the success I had with my [url=http://paltergeist.com/thirdDegree.php]Third Degree Burn[/url]. However, I was speaking to my friend [i]Tim Trono[/i], and he and I started discussing blister things. It was he that actually first suggested that it would be kind of cool and perhaps even make more "sense" to have something as startling as a shaped blister, appear in the form of ESP symbols. So that was the genesis of the trick, and I started working from there. I wanted to come up with a clean method and easy-to-use gimmick, and...well....you see what happened! lol.....The idea where I touch the spectator's "Third Eye" that you see on the demo video, was a VERY last minute thing that my brother-in-law suggested. He is not even a magician or a performer, but I was with him about 2 days before shooting the demo, and he said, "Why don't you touch their Third Eye in the middle of their forehead after asking if they believe in that sort of thing, and then make them BACK UP so that they have to see the blister on your finger!" I thought about it, and realized that he was on to something. I started trying that presentation later that night and then again on the demo, and it just WORKS so well!....I really like the theater, and kinetics of telling them to "look", but making THEM move back so they can see the blister, instead of me showing them by moving my hand for them.

Best regards,

Message: Posted by: The Magic Demon (Sep 1, 2014 12:42PM)
Thanks for sharing Psionic's history, Jason. I always find it interesting to hear about how any of my favorite effects came to be.

I hope others enjoyed reading about its origins too.

Your posts as a guest of honor here on the Café have been very helpful and instructive.

Best wishes to you on all your future endeavors!
Message: Posted by: Jason Palter (Sep 1, 2014 06:11PM)
Hi The Magic Demon:

My pleasure! I too am always curious to see the origins of things, and that's not just magic tricks. I love to hear how writers came up with ideas for a movie for instance, or how a certain hit recipe started, or where the idea for a unique business came from, etc.

I'm glad that my posts have been helpful for you; please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Best regards,