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Topic: Variation of Stealth Pen.
Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Jan 22, 2004 01:48PM)
I thought I would ask some of you guys what you think about my idea. I don't use the stealth pen at all, but I have developed a routine that might make it worth it.

It is called The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

I begin by pulling out my beautiful leaf hilted rapier (full size and very real). I ask for a helper to hold this sword, I then borrow a bill (or use my own) and stab through it with the sword (obviously creating a rip and hole). I then take a stealth pen and do the same thing...but not creating a hole.

My patter would be something like the pen is mightier that the sword and I will show you why.

Any advice or ideas would be helpful.


Message: Posted by: ashah (Jan 26, 2004 12:22AM)
I don't know... don't you think it's kind of anti-climactic to put a pen through a bill after you've already wielded a sword? Although if your presentation with the pen is a little "over the top", it could be a lot of fun.

Just don't hurt anyone with that thing. :cool: