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Topic: How about a History forum?
Message: Posted by: deerbourne (Jan 22, 2004 11:44PM)
I might be nice to have a forum for just discussing the history of magic, acts or different tricks.

Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Jan 30, 2004 09:03PM)
Deerbourne, I just popped in to the section to say exactly the same thing. In the past I've had a couple of questions about certain entertainers and tricks from way back. I've also come across stories that I've come across and wanted to share. The two closest topics to put them in where "oldies..but goodies" and "what happened was this" but neither seemed appropriate.
Is it just us 2 or would more of you be interested in this topic?
Message: Posted by: Decker (Feb 8, 2004 02:42AM)
Highly interested. Might not get alot of replies asking about old stuff but where else would you go?
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Feb 8, 2004 03:55AM)
This very topic has been discussed before, and I personally think it's a good idea.
Please know that we are going to add a specific area in the very [i]NEAR[/i] future, so please be a little patient. Thanks for the support and for the suggestions! :smoke:
As a side note, there are those who think we have too many forums already. However, the way I see it you can never have too many choices. :bwink: