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Topic: New “Dice Pip & Shells”
Message: Posted by: shellgame-al (Sep 10, 2014 07:33PM)
3shells.com has a new type shell that has just been released.

They are called Dice Pip & Shells.

Dice Pip & Shells plays very well for the gambling theme.
Better than loaded dice. They are loaded with features.
Dice shells that are jumbo dice.
Played as the shell game on which one of the dice has the missing single pip.
All of the dice shells have all of the numbers except the number one pip and the missing number one pip is the black ball.

They come with the bottom ridge design that makes them fair dice shells and can be fully examined at any time, if need be.

But at any time you can make them to be loaded dice shells, to always win.

The set can bring confidence of being a fair game for the con, without any added shills.

This is a great set for the magicians that work the gambling theme. The dice shells are very visual.
The dice shells are 1-1/2 " square in size, jumbo dice. The white & black dice show up well on any surface.

For more detail and pictures: http://4photos.weebly.com/
Message: Posted by: silverking (Sep 11, 2014 09:40AM)
Al, you are single-handedly injecting new life into the advancement of the basic short-cons as nobody has since School for Scoundrels came onto the scene.

Although I may not see eye-to-eye with your thinking 100% of the time, I'm certainly not alone in stating that I [i]absolutely appreciate[/i] the amount of work you're putting into advancing the [i]entire field of shells and discs[/i].

The sheer number of well thought out, and previously unseen takes on the shell game you've released in a relatively short period of time is, frankly, unprecedented ... and deserves recognition.
Message: Posted by: LeoH (Sep 11, 2014 04:38PM)
I agree, Silverking. Even though I am more of a "scoundrel" in performance, I have many of Al's shell sets and enjoy his creative variety. He is also a nice guy and a delight to do business with. Now I have to save for the dice set!
Message: Posted by: shellgame-al (Sep 11, 2014 09:09PM)
Silverking & LeoH

Thank you. I know you both love the short-cons, so your comments are much appreciated. I do too!

I don't expect everyone to see eye-to-eye on all of my thinking and you shouldn’t. The best way is whatever is right for you.
I do like to hear other people’s thoughts, as that is the only way I can learn what others are looking for.
I try to make my products with an open mind, to bring something for everyone for many different type people.
Hopefully something new will help others to find their own type presentations to further the game. This is why I have so many different type shells and disks sets.

Like the Dice Pip & Shells, they were designed for the ones that like the gambling type presentation.

To me it is not the shells or any tools you use that changes it from being a “scoundrel" in performance or a magician.
It is all on what shell set makes you feel more confident on how you want to use them for your presentation.
You might not agree with this, but I think having different type presentations helps the shell game.
Because now the standard type presentation is not the same old thing, it is then looked on as the classic presentation.