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Topic: Fastest and most effective Trick?
Message: Posted by: Bad-Boy (Jan 23, 2004 07:21PM)

What is in your opinion the best trick you can pull off in a short amount of time? Or to put it even further, even without having to say a single word?

At the moment I have 2 favourites:

- Coin bite
- Raven

As I am not very long into magic, are there any other cool tricks that create great amazement in miliseconds? Note: You don't actually have to say something, you just say, "watch...." :)
Message: Posted by: BWind (Jan 24, 2004 01:13AM)
My favorite is Dai Vernon's "Spellbound" with half dollars or Morgans with an appropriate sized Chinese "hole" coin. It's quick, visual and grabs attention.
Message: Posted by: JackDaniel (Jan 27, 2004 04:09AM)
My favourite fast and "in their face" routines are:
Ashes in palm,
Two card monte,
and Torn and restored bill.

If I were able to do the Muscle pass, I'd add that to the list as well.
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 30, 2004 11:26PM)
Once again, I'll put my vote in for my old standby: Jay Sankey's Killer Key!
Message: Posted by: kihei kid (Feb 2, 2004 05:46AM)
Sticky Situation by Andy Leviss. You can pull the gum out of your mouth or under a counter top or wherever people stick gum the whole routine last 15 seconds at most and their eyes bug out and you get the puzzled look.

Top this off with the fact you just leave it in your pocket and that it is instant magic and you have what is IMHO one of the best effects around.

I have worn out the gimmick part of it so many times now that I'm thinking of doing something that may put an end to that problem forever.
Message: Posted by: Brian Morgan (Feb 2, 2004 07:00AM)
Try NFW, never fails to get a few, "No @$%&* way!"'s from the audience. :nerdy:
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Feb 3, 2004 08:43PM)
Nite Flight, or Raven.
Message: Posted by: JJDrew (Feb 4, 2004 01:55AM)
Using a good old fashioned TT and vanishing a silk will get an immediate strong reaction. It's not very fancy, but making something vanish into thin air is something your audience will remember.

This is assuming you're going for speed.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Feb 4, 2004 02:39AM)

Linking Rings, while playing with them to attract attention. Start the linking. After the crowd builds continue with your routine.

As walk around attach them to your belt with velcro.

They do draw attention.

Message: Posted by: NYKnicks5 (Feb 4, 2004 02:40PM)
I would have to say that the most effective trick depends on a number of factors. First, the mood and style of the audience. What I mean by this is certain tricks will be better than others for different audiences. (Example, in the hands magic for a bunch of kids that want to ruin tricks is no good).
But for a simple and effective trick, I think a trick that is non-gimicked, has no-setup, and is eye-candy is perfect for street magic.

I would have to say that these tricks are the best (some are already mentioned):

-2 card monte (great trick because it is simple, and the impact depends on how it is performed)
-Sankey's In a flash (very attractive, but not particularly effective on streets, better for table hopping, I just love this effect so much I had to include it).
-Ambitious card (obvious classic)
-Ultimate Transposition
-Sponge balls (surprisingly, in my experience, this trick is more effective on the streets than in table hopping. I like pass around a purse frame, do a different trick, and then take it back to pull the sponges out of the purse frame)
Message: Posted by: Chris Thibault (Feb 15, 2004 07:13AM)
Sticky Situation is great. Crazy Man's Handcuffs is another one.
Message: Posted by: ABlair36 (Feb 15, 2004 08:50AM)
If I needed to do a trick realliy fast to prove that I am a real magician, I would do a snap change. All together it takes about 5 seconds.
I also occationaly use Lee Asher's "World's Third Fastest Card Trick".
Most colour changes would work really well as fast tricks. The classic bottom palm chage is another.
Message: Posted by: magicman123 (Feb 27, 2004 11:01AM)
I think the quickest tricks are 2 card monte and the ace shake. The ace shake is even quicker than the 2 card monte
Message: Posted by: Vikke Matikainen (Feb 28, 2004 01:39PM)
Mr. Clean coins across is over in 30 seconds, BAM, visual magic at its best.
Message: Posted by: jaxonlee (Mar 1, 2004 12:21PM)
The Raven is dreadfully fast and very visual. Otherwise I agree with JJDrew about a TT: efficient, fast, visual, versatile! Or you can always try dragging a ST, your 'lovely assistant, 13 feet of rope, a straight jacket, large canvas bag, and your wife's favorite shower curtain onto a street corner and try to do the fastest Metamorphosis in the world! Ok, ok...just kidding...you really need about 20 feet of rope! ;-)
Message: Posted by: Oz Fan (Mar 1, 2004 10:22PM)
Some great ones are

1. Here then there(david blaine)

2. 2 card monte

3. Invisi. deck
Message: Posted by: frankglavin (Apr 7, 2004 12:13PM)
2 card monte, but only after a serious amount of practice to perform the required sleighs. Its an amazing effect ONLY when performed correctly!!!
Message: Posted by: Jordini (Apr 7, 2004 11:07PM)
I like shoving a BB (air gun pellet) or a watermellon seed up my nose and making it pop out of my eye.
Message: Posted by: hkwiles (Apr 9, 2004 04:53AM)
Coin Unique.

Tell specs you've found an easy way to make money

I just show a 2p (concealing a 1 coin) and a 10p.
Pass the 10p under the 2p and slide out the 1 coin. Hand them the "2p" and 1 coin to examine. If you really want to impress them..and can afford it..say "keep the 1, theres plenty more where that came from.

Message: Posted by: abcmagician (Apr 9, 2004 10:25AM)
I would say Jay Sankey's Leaving Home is the best. Its easy to do and effective.
Message: Posted by: Perl (Apr 9, 2004 10:29AM)
Raven and 2 card monte.... fast and easy.....
Message: Posted by: cajuninms (Apr 9, 2004 10:50PM)
I like 3/4 across, not very fast...but very affective

o yea it was from on the spot by greg wilson
Message: Posted by: vaillant (Apr 11, 2004 01:29AM)
Where can I find info on the 2 card monte
Message: Posted by: prospero (Apr 12, 2004 07:20PM)
I usually do a quick reverse (half pass/pass from the bottom) after a spectator peek. Done well, it takes less then a minute. Sometimes I just have them peek at a card and pass it to the bottom while I hand the deck to them to hold--that gets a good reaction--a display of pure skill. Some other good things to do are as follows:

--Coin flurry (yeah, yeah, old, but cool)
--I have to agree with BWind on Spellbound: coupled with a Bobo switch and a shuttle pass or two it's great fun.
--Card to wallet (unisgned).
--Put-pocketing/pickpocketing under the guise of a transpo.
Message: Posted by: Sean W. Burke (Apr 12, 2004 09:36PM)
Mr. Clean Coins across

Oh yeah and matchbox penetration is pretty cool too.
Message: Posted by: prospero (Apr 22, 2004 12:05AM)
Oh, yeah, and I take back that whole "flurry" thing. I suck with coins.
Message: Posted by: Tetkom4 (Apr 22, 2004 05:50PM)
Message: Posted by: Paddy (Apr 22, 2004 07:31PM)
On 2004-02-15 09:50, ABlair36 wrote:
If I needed to do a trick realliy fast to prove that I am a real magician, ...[/quote]

I would tell the person to kiss me, on whatever part of my anatomy I decide. Any person that would say anything like "prove you are a magician," is rude.

Sorry, I don't have to prove anything about being a magician. If someone asked me to prove it, after my initial reaction, I would have them buy tickets to one of my shows, of course the tickets I have do have a extra surcharge for stupidity and rudeness.

Message: Posted by: L7 (Apr 22, 2004 10:17PM)
I'm a max noob
but my favourites are
2 card monte
a trick 2 force 4 ace`s (what a coincidence, but I taught myself it so I do it alot different, and no where near as good)
penetration pen (stealth pen)