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Topic: A Sucker is Born Every Minute: How to Lose Friends and Win Money
Message: Posted by: magicah123 (Jan 24, 2004 08:10AM)
What do you think of the trick A Sucker is Born Every Minute: How to Lose Friends and Win Money? does it require difficult sleights
Thanks adam
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 25, 2004 10:13PM)
Where is this effect found? More information would be helpful here.
Message: Posted by: david_a_whitehead (Jan 25, 2004 10:39PM)
It is a bank night effect. watch the demo on penguin magic. I knew how it was done after one watching. I guess laymen will be deceived.
Message: Posted by: Jeff J. (Jan 26, 2004 04:58AM)
It doesn't require any sleights. You can do it the day you get it. The important thing with this trick is showmanship. Don't "rub it in their faces" when they don't win the money. You can do the trick for them another time. They will think they have a chance the next time around.

Kinda fun to see them hoping to pull out cash. Just remember to act nice about it and seem as if you hoped they won the money. It can be fun for all. After all, lots of folks like the lottery or spending a little time at the casino. ;)

Message: Posted by: magician81 (Feb 1, 2004 07:55AM)
Hi guys,

this effect can be found in max maven's stage mentalism video, termed as 'Goalmine'. it's the same thing. so if you have the video, then save up your 12 bucks. no gimmicks involved and it is relatively easy. btw, it's a killer effect.

Message: Posted by: marko (Feb 1, 2004 12:18PM)
It is the exact same handling as Maven's "Goal Mine" except "Goal Mine" has a more clever presentation and does not create that antagonist atmosphere most Bank Night effects do. As for the one being discussed here (which is titled like a book instead of a trick for some reason), I think it's the perfect opening effect to do if you want your audience to hate you for the rest of the show.
Message: Posted by: eryanic (Feb 1, 2004 01:07PM)
Wow, no gimmicks needed? so it can be done at home...just buy a few envelopes..that's it??
Message: Posted by: Risto L. (Feb 1, 2004 03:32PM)
If you want to do a Bank Night effect and NOT lose your friends, take a look at Richard Osterlind`s opening routine on his first Mind Mysteries DVD. Richard has come up with something that pretty much takes the sting off the usual Bank Night presentations.

Message: Posted by: magician81 (Feb 1, 2004 10:34PM)
On 2004-02-01 14:07, eryanic wrote:
Wow, no gimmicks needed? so it can be done at home...just buy a few envelopes..that's it??

Yes.without exposing the method, I think it is a nice effect, so if you have 10 bucks spare then I think it is a good buy. if you want more bang for your bucks, then get max maven dvd.

Message: Posted by: eryanic (Feb 2, 2004 03:13AM)
But I emailed penguin and they said the envelope can't be examined....and it is gimmicked
Message: Posted by: magician81 (Feb 2, 2004 04:10AM)
All right, without having 2 expose the method, for those who have max maven video will know that there is no gimmicks involved in effect. you can have my word for this. anyway I see there is no point in using gimmicks here. if penguin is selling this effect where the envelopes are gimmicked, then I advise you to buy max maven video. everything can be examined at the end.

Message: Posted by: samuelchong (Feb 2, 2004 09:01PM)
How different is it between M.Maven's presentation and R.Osterlind's presentation? :worry:
Message: Posted by: Magicman862 (Feb 2, 2004 09:27PM)
I havent seen mavens routine, but osterlinds is great and I use, plus hes got so much other great stuff on his DVDs. GET THEM
Message: Posted by: Neoglobin (Feb 3, 2004 10:00AM)
On 2004-02-02 04:13, eryanic wrote:
But I emailed penguin and they said the envelope can't be examined....and it is gimmicked

that's weird, I thought I knew the method, which was competley ungimmicked and had the SAME exact movements he had.
Message: Posted by: magician81 (Feb 3, 2004 10:21AM)
It is defintely ungimmicked....i truly see no point in using some fake envelopes.

Message: Posted by: marko (Feb 3, 2004 02:17PM)
Anyone else think this sounds like the title for a Harry Anderson book? :kewl:
Message: Posted by: eryanic (Feb 4, 2004 12:41AM)
This is the email, I asked bout a sucker is born every minute and Paul Harris' One and Only....

"Both of the effects that you mentioned are great. You can't hand out the final envelopes of either effect, but it really isn't necessary.

Both use gimmicks which are very clever and easy to use.

Hope this helps."
Message: Posted by: Jeff J. (Feb 4, 2004 05:13AM)
I got this from Penguin. No gimmick envelopes. You can hand them the envelope after the trick. I came close to actually having specs put in a few bucks to win some money, but honesty took over and I just did it for fun. I wish I was a con man...I wouldn't have to live on Mac&Cheese and my address wouldn't be Dumpster #4 :rotf:
Message: Posted by: eryanic (Feb 5, 2004 12:08PM)
Then I suppose Penguin's representative made a mistake...
no gimmicks...interesting...will see the demo again..hehe
Message: Posted by: MacGyver (Feb 5, 2004 06:09PM)
It isn't examineable though without a cop-off...

Just think about it, you are left with a little something extra you werent suppose to have at the end...not gimicked but not showable.
Message: Posted by: digitaltrip (Feb 5, 2004 06:48PM)
I agree with MacGyver. That's how I understand it as well.

Message: Posted by: Neoglobin (Feb 5, 2004 09:09PM)
I don't understand. Im sure that you don't need to cop anything off.

If that is so then BLAH. :nose:
Message: Posted by: Jeff J. (Feb 6, 2004 05:24AM)
I meant that the evelopes were not gimmicked. You can hand the envelope you take the money out of to the spec.
Message: Posted by: NYKnicks5 (Feb 19, 2004 05:58AM)
I have this effect and I was wondering what types of reations you have gotten from it. I have performed this for a few family members, but some just thought I got lucky. I mean 1 out of 4 is not IMPOSSIBLE. That is why I think using a $100 bill is better than a $20. Please let me know what kind of reactions you have gotten.
Message: Posted by: Jeff J. (Feb 19, 2004 06:29PM)
NYKnicks, I guess that depends on if you are playing for money. If they think you are just lucky, you might make a few bucks. On the downside, it's unethical, illegal, and if someone knows the trick you might end up with a butt-whuppin :)