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Topic: Equinox.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Sep 23, 2014 09:56AM)
Two weeks at 'home'.
Cleaning, polishing, greasing, oiling, tightening, loosening,..
laying two hours, in the bath-tub,..
after playing the past few months, on the 'Road',
- that's called: "Relaxing".
(Capital 'R'.)

We pulled it together.
Pushed the Truck through German Inspection,..
(they have a 'Computer-controlled Brake Test Maschine',.. that is sooo sensitive,..
it even tells you the amount of cellulitis on your po!)

valves. https://flic.kr/p/pmuJKR
linking valve-gaskets. https://flic.kr/p/pmuJKv
brakes. https://flic.kr/p/pmuJFc
easy peasy. https://flic.kr/p/pmuJxr

...,packed the winter clothes, picked the pears,...peddled out last night.
This morning, after driving an endless evening of detours,
we woke up 155 kilometers from our pear tree.
Braunschweig. (Brunswich.)

It's somehow become a frustrating tradition,
the 'first day out',.. we sleep in(!).
My baby woke me with a coffee,
"Happy Equinox."
I'm going to call this tour, 'Equinox'.
,nothing to do with Fort Knox,.
but hopefully something better,..

"Why are you writing?"
I like to say, "I write to understand myself."
,curiosity,.. confusion,..
,this Tour, I'd like to write,..(HOPE to write!),.. again 'for myself',
but for others, as well.
Most of what I've learned, came from others;
who allowed me to peek over their shoulder.
I could peek, pick, pluck, ponder,... while they plowed.

Equinox,.. a bit of balencing out.

No autobahns, trains, planes, or submarines.
Back-streets, springy-seats,.. and little townes.
We'll try not to make it an 'ego-trip'.*
..,no idea what's going to happen.

A 'Vague Plan'.
"... we're off to see the Wizard!..."
haa,.!,.. actually,.. yes.
There IS a guy,.. a great Magician,... a Street Magician,.. I'm off to visit.
He's somewhat illusive amongst Magicians,..but,..
I really don't know him.
He REALLY doesn't know me.
He has NO idea we're coming(!).
I plan knocking on his door.
Say, "Hi."
Ask him to invite me in,.
feed me,..
and allow me to look over his shoulder,..a bit.
I'll tell you more about the guy later,.. as we get a bit closer to his 'hide-out'.

As the arrow flies, he lives 410 kilometers from my pear tree. (275 miles.)
It'll take us about 1200 kms. Four weeks.
Time,.. flies like an arrow.
Time also flies,.. when you're having fun.
,we're going for the fun(!).
Tomorrow,.. Braunschweig.

,parking in Braunschweig.
,on the 'Road', you get it ALL(!).
Trees. Wild parks. Trucks, trafic, and,.. all together!

,getting ready for 'the Show'.
,.. ok, I blew her hair-cut,.. once,.twice,.. maybe six times;
,but that she doesn't give me one more go at it,..!
thanks for reading,.. so far(!).
give it easy,

* I do reserve the right to Brag a bit, though,..oK.
,.. every now and then,..
when no one else is posting.
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (Sep 23, 2014 08:37PM)
Brag all you want as long as you keep posting. Thank you for taking us along on the ride.
Message: Posted by: troppobob (Sep 24, 2014 06:48AM)
G'day gallagher

Thanks for the reading - enjoy the journey.

Bob latta (aka Tropppo Bob)
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Sep 25, 2014 09:36AM)
Braunschweig. Wednesday, the weather held,... we played.
The towne was kind of quiet, this is actually a good sign,
means the peoples are working,... jobs.
,...gives good vibes to a towne.
good,.. quiet,... vibes.

We're working the Show up again.
A two weeks pause is really refreshing,... is great!
,but coming back,.. 'on-line',..we can't just flip the switch.
Our Timing was off,.. just a hair,..
a fat,. greasy hair.
Our Technique,.. off.
the fingers are a bit stiff, clumsy,...seem a tad fat(!)
Stiff muscles,... but also a bit 'brain stiff'.

The nice thing about big slow townes,
there is space, to play.,..
some-one will usually watch.
'Some',.. at least 'one'.
We can practice at home, all we want;
the final polish,.. the 'cut',..
only comes before an Audience.
An Audience, on the Street,
is somehow a strange colaboration of Butchers, Masseurs, Florists, Smiths, and kneaders of bread,.. Bakers;
disguised as house wives, teen-agers, old men, and children.

Through time we've gained Confidence,..
after a pause,..
we're in need of Calm-fidence.
,have to settle things a bit,..
it'll come.

In the moment, we're playing two completely different Shows.
A & B
We go out, in the morning, to play three Shows a day.
Two days in a towne.
A B A, the first.
B A B, the second.
Change spots after each Show,..
never the same Pitch.
Each Show consists of 17 'bits'.
Song, Dance, or Magic;
held together with Introductions, "thank you's", and Arguments,.. between Monika and I.
....,something for everyone!
Folks can come and go,... take and throw; as they please.
We believe, three 'bits', roughly 8 minutes, satisfies the 'average'.
That's our concept,... works for us.

Today RAIN,.. wind,.,..practice.
In some things,
"the 'first' is the worst".
We find, the second day out,....is 'the bottom'.
Our second day we leave the Waggon saying,,
"Let's keep it slow.
And come home,
..still in Love."

keep the fingers crossed,..
(germans press their thumbs(!), for luck!)
givin' it easy,
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Sep 26, 2014 11:13AM)
Hey folks,
hate bothering you like this,..
THIRD Post, in three days!
{ I'm somehow parked next to a 'hot spot'(!),
super fast internet!,..
taking advantage!!}

We played today,.. half day,..
the winds came,.. ahhh.
Our Audiences are somehow like 'leaves'.
,they fall our way.
Autumn,.. the 'Fall',..
Germans have the word "Zu-fall",... 'co-incidence'.
,that discribes our Audience,.. Show concept,.
("Um-fall",.. means,.. 'accident',.. as in "Crash"!)

,back to the 'leaves',..
wind,.. wind,.. scatters an audience,..
as difficult as rain,..
wasn't easy,..
we played.
Two Shows,.. packed it up,..
went 'sight-seeing',.. around 'the Office'.



ahh,.. true Art, you find only on the Streets,..
{that's only 'partially' a joke...}

these next two,.. go together,..
I saw them on two different street-lamps,.
made me smile,..


no comment on the next,...
probably would have a hard time in the States, though,...


James Rizzi house,.. Braunschweig.
,this guy started,.. selling his paintings, on the Streets in NyC.
,there are 'goose-pimples',..
are there 'gosse-smiles'?


This 'lady' worked our Audience, both Shows,..

,she worked the other end....

he slept,..

,..a bit of 'Art',.. for the 'understanders'....
hmm,.. a statue,.. of a statue,..
,..moving on.

,we're off to some smaller townes,.
probably no internet,..
,.. you can have your piece,..
keep going for it,
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Oct 11, 2014 12:07PM)
11th October, 14

The Wander's danger is to find comfort,..
Arriving in Hannover, 6 days ago,
...meeting with our daughter;
warm water, home-made pizza, plum pies, plush pillows,..
stories, stories,.. stories,..
I'd fallen thru the looking-glass, this past week(!)
,took over her apartment,..



the Wander's danger is to find comfort,..
memory of times in strange places where the scent of unknown is sharp,
pulls us back to the road again,..
truth is ,.
she threw us out!
(just a joke...)

We're 'off' again!
"to see the Wizard",..
but first some catching up.

(September 26th, 'til getting punched on the 4th of October.)
Leaving Braunschweig, we focused 'small',.."-er".
Salzgitter, Seesen, Einbeck,..
you can tell how 'hot' a towne is,
...by the parking possiblities(!)


small townes need us,... no Joke.

In Nordheim, the towne is so 'boring',
the people joke about the "big attaction",
..putting in new sewers!
Supposedly, on weekends, towne folks with nothing better to do,..
stroll the streets,
looking at the 'progress'.
,..gave me an idea...
we would block one of the remaining 'open' streets,..
and perform for the 'sewer tourist'...
I hoped to offer a better Show.

Foolish ideas should not be tried alone,..
after all,..
we're not fools!
We recruited an old Street Artist, in the area (Katlenburg)
,and dragged him out of retirement, for a day.

Andy Clapp.
(started as a Puppeteer, in England,.. 'bout 40 years ago,..
wandering India,.. performing,.. met a German lady,..
settled into Close-up Gala Evenings,.. successfully.)
always good for fun!
The plan was simple,.
move the 'street horses' 20 meters,
blocking a normally 'driven' street.
Street blocked,.. the Shows started,..
small, at first,.
getting bigger,..

Andy's Masterpiece,.
I use that word rarely,..
'Card Stabbing'.
one piece of magic,..
in a master's hands,..

,can shut down a street...




Andy Clapp.

,we swapped corners,.
each playing two Shows,..
left towne forgetting to put the 'Street horse' straight(!),.
hope they'll forgive us...
Nordheim,.. good folks.

,...leaving towne,
two pieces of grafitti,..
"Go your own way and let the people talk."
,could be a traveling Street Performer's motto.

"One notices.
Another laughs.
A third watches.
,who does anything?"

got to go,
battery's dying,.(!)
in my pacemaker,..
,will be in touch,
give it easy folks,
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Oct 11, 2014 01:40PM)
P.s.: forgot my favourite foto,..
Monika shot it,..
in Seesen.
"small Ways".
Message: Posted by: Angela P (Oct 13, 2014 01:05PM)
Gallagher. Good travelings and pleasent shows. We read your report today in english studies and enjoyed the stories and pictures.
We have one little correction with your translation however. Very small but important.
"One respects it.
The other laughs at it.
The third observes it.
What matters it?"
The original is carved above the Wernigerode Rathaus, cityhall. From 1427.
Have you performed in Wernigerode before? It might be recommended. In fall many travel to see colored leaves in the area.
Best wishes and safe journey. We enjoy reading more. Your english texted however are not examplatory. :) :) :)
Angela and her eighth class magicians. Baden-Baden
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Oct 22, 2014 08:08AM)
Hi Folks,
a letter in a bottle,...
out of Hannover.
Hurracaine Gonzolo is pounding the North Sea,
it pushed a 'Russian' cold front, to the south,..
we're sitting in the middle,..
Waggon rocking. Candles smoking. Oven crackling, from rain drops coming down the chimney.
dry. warm. rested,... itchy(!).
,we want to play!

Our last Shows were on Saturday,..

(a shot of Monika with her Dancing Cane,..
we designed 'ours' with tipps, from an Expert here on the 'Sidewalk'... Ekuth. Brilliant!)


Hannover, a hard pavement;..
throw in 'saturday',..
and a home Soccer match,..
we played,.. a bit offsides,
the stratagy works for us.
"Bake smaller buns,..
be happy for the Bread."

The week past, we had played up to Celle.
A small, fairytale-towne,.
was slow pickin's,
but..... stressless.
Such townes are great, to slow everything down,..
get everything tight again.
,Even played with two new effects,..
a Dancing Cane anchored to our Top Hat.
(Macronik played with this.)
,didn't work for us,... yet.
And a Coin in a Bottle Effect,...
,...have to keep working on it as well,.
{...another reason to buy beer!}

We saw Gonzolo coming,
instead of peddeling North, we headed inland,
The winds are supposed to milden, a bit;
the rains dry.
We're packing the tent tonight and heading off...
Hameln, Minden, Herford,.. Bielefeld.
Fingers crossed,..
Autumn weather 'til January!

{a side note: Hans Klok is setting up a 'Winter Zauber Palast' in Hannover, for the Christmas period.
Tomorrow, for advertising, he will be performing a Straight-jacket Escape, suspended from a crane in the middle of the city.
really great!
We're sharing 'our' parking spot today,.. he's preparing,.. very profession,..
the winds have him nervous,..
cross your fingers for him.}

laying low,
Message: Posted by: Nick W (Oct 22, 2014 08:18AM)
Your car/truck is pretty awesome.