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Topic: Bragging!
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Sep 23, 2014 10:46AM)
Sorry folks,
I tried,.
really tried.
,held back,..
bit my fingers,..
my ego got the best of me,.
...my worst.

Playing the Streets,
the small townes,..
folks watch,
ask "Why?".
Somewhen, the newspaper shows up.
But(!),.. being on the 'Road',..
".. sure! I'd be happy to send you a copy!!!"
,. you never meet the paper-boy.

Being home, the past two weeks,..
four Articles showed up!
I have to show-off with two,.
..,of 'The Buxtehude Blick',..
buxtehude is kinda like 'WhereAmI, Wyoming',...

This is actually a cool one.
They actually interviewed us,.. bought us a coffee(!),
..and wrote us up well.
"The day-to-day is our Stage."
,nice headline,..
that's our approach.

oK folks,
sit down for this one.
How many of you 'big-timers' have played,...
the Street you live on?...!!?.?
(caulk up another 'first', in the Journals of Busking,..for Gallagher!)
Seven houses.
,they're building an eight(!).
The German builders have the tradition of throwing a party,
when the new building is 'sealed',.. water tight.
They call it "Richtfest".
a reason to party on a friday afternoon.

now,.. living across the street,..
seeing the beer being rolled in,.
....smelling the steaks on the grill
"Monika my dear!..!"
"NO!,.. NOOO!!,.. NO WAY!"
"...Sweat-heart. ,..... We're talking about the Journals of Busking here!"

.i begged.
.blew kisses.
.promised to visit her sister,
....both sisters,
........and mother.
We did it.

not only did they feed us(!),.. well!
,they grabbed our Hat,
and past it around!

smiling proud!,..
{Monika's smiling too,..
"smothered laughter", she calls it.}
[i'm not visiting her mother!!!,..!]
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Sep 23, 2014 11:54AM)
Great "story"! (I put story in "" to remind us that it wasn't 'just a story', it really happened!)

Just one queston: Was the "story" ABOVE THE 'FOLD'??? -- HEE HEE!

About 35 years ago, taking advantage of friend Marshall Brodiens's TV MAGIC CARDS, I was pitching Svengalis. I was on the road with my school show in North Carolina, and, every weekend, I would try to find a local festival or fair. I "found" a tiny "weekend fair" and bought the privilege. I was doing fine and filling the grouch bag. About the last pitch of the afternoon, I spotted the fair manager's young son in the the front of the tip. He was about 10, and a bright lad. I used him to be my "assistant", and, when the adults saw that a kid could do it, they reached for their wallets!. (A "red one"! --I got a hernia carrying the cash to the bank!) I gave the kid a deck.

It was the closing night of the fair, and the "fair board" held a RICHTFEST! The manager, whose kid had shown him his "prize", knocked on my RV door and invited me to their party. The privilege had been only a pittance! The steak and drinks were great!
Message: Posted by: Angela P (Sep 23, 2014 03:04PM)
You two make a very fine storytelling partnership. It is very enjoyable reading.
My daily work is teaching English and Mathematics. I motivate some of our pupils who interest in magic with stories from here.
Tomorrow we will have some pleasant readings!
Thank you and good wishes.
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (Sep 23, 2014 08:30PM)
I second Angela's comment about the story telling partnership and enjoyable reading.
Message: Posted by: MagiCol (Sep 24, 2014 12:54AM)
Yes, thanks, Gallagher, you're living the life that some of us could if only we had a more care-free approach to life.
Whatever the entertaining, it's great to see people enjoying themselves doing the entertaining.
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Sep 24, 2014 04:48AM)
Great photos Gallagher, very cool.
I am unable to read them but it looks great.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Sep 24, 2014 07:41AM)
[quote]On Sep 23, 2014, Angela P wrote:
You two make a very fine storytelling partnership. It is very enjoyable reading.
My daily work is teaching English and Mathematics. I motivate some of our pupils who interest in magic with stories from here.
Tomorrow we will have some pleasant readings!
Thank you and good wishes.
Angela [/quote]

Thank you for your very kind words

Whatever talents I possess, may at least in part, come from the oldl "Saturday Evening Post" magazine (1940s). Every issue had a jokes and funny stories page. One of my favorite "regular" pieces was entitled, "Mein Grossfader's Fabeltellen". The writer used a lot of German sounding words (many made up for the occasion). I've always liked languages, and the writer captured my imagination. Of course, with all the colorful characters in magic, circus, and carnival, and all the funny things that happen on the road, if you have a sense of humor, story telling is easy.

You should "drop in" on a "jackpot" session in the backyard of a circus sometime! --or after a meeting of the Showmen's League! Jay Mashall was a "maestro" of "anecdotal history".
I vividly remember a session in Jay's kitchen at Magic Inc. after a Magic Collector's Weekend. Around the table were Hary Blackstone Jr. George Johnstone,Al Flosso,Karrell Fox,Jay Marshall, et moi! When the gathering finally broke up,our sides hurt from laughing. Al was at his best!

Then, there was a session at Jerry Conkln's after an Abbott Get Together! Jay, Karrell, George,Jack Gwynne, Bob Lewis,etc.sat in a circle and just did jokes. Each in turn had something to say. Every time it was Jack Gwynne's "turn", the group would say, in unison: "Sit down Jack!" (Jack just couldn't tell a joke!)
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Sep 24, 2014 12:41PM)
Hey Dick, you're right,..
ABOVE, the fold,.(!).
AND,.... they used,.. LARGE type-set!
,..at least they left ME in the picture, this time.!.!
Often, they only show 'half' of the Act,... the upper,...!
or, a photo of 'us',.. when I ,... am behind the piano,... fetching something,..!
Buxtehude, though,.. valued me.

Newspapers can be funny.
Once 'we' were written up as,.."Monika and ."
. ,..!
Monika tried soothing it, by saying,
"You analyze it all wrong. It's not a 'Period', it's a 'Point'.
They were,.. 'pointing',.. you out.
oK,.. not a 'high-point'...."
{i should have worked as a Ventriloquist,...
i would probably have had better luck with my partner!}

Once, a Newspaper, at a small Towne-festival,..
in order to save space,, wrote us up,.. with the TWO other Acts, on the bill!
"Performing on the stage behind the church, will be an Elvis Impersonator, Monika Posselts, showing her amazing Unicycle skills."(!!!)
,trying to sooth me, Monika said,.. "They DIDN'T forget YOU!,.. They just saw you, as an Elvis Impers...."
,..if I ever find her unicycle,..
I'm going to let the air out of the .......

got to go and practise,..
I was off,..
as in "awfull", today.
keeping it cool,..

p.s.: Mario,.. sometimes,.. it's better when you DON'T understand what they wrote!
"Vaigrant Street Performers were again arrested in the town center today.
Harrassing, Molesting,.. being an absolute nuisance,.."....