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Topic: ADVICE? Projector system for close up on stage
Message: Posted by: Chris Westfall (Sep 29, 2014 12:31AM)
IM adding some close up in a stand up act and looking for advice! I would like to add some close up to my stand up act I'm building. So I'm guying I would need a camera that is linked to a projector and a screen? what is the best way of going about this? I want it to be good quality. budget friendly. portable and usable in most set up situations.

thanks in advance........... and go!
Message: Posted by: Atte (Oct 15, 2014 03:39AM)

I don't have enough experience performing magic with projector but my suggest based on what I have used in my school is a document camera. They are desingned mostly for schools but if you put a document camera on your table and then connect a projektor straight to it (VGA-cable) you have setup ready in less than 5 minutes.

Yes, they are not cheap and a resolution might not be the best but they are pretty portable and easy to setup without needing a PC or expensive softwares. And I think most of them also look quite professional.

I hope this helped...

Message: Posted by: arthur stead (Oct 16, 2014 02:03PM)
Hi Chris, I don't know anything about cameras ... but since you also asked for advice, I'll add my two cents about overhead projection:

I've only ever seen one person do this effectively for a card routine ... Shawn Farquhar ... and he was fantastic! But it takes a lot of thought and preparation to get it right. The biggest problem (as I've stated in another thread) is that the folks watching the screen do not benefit from any of your misdirection (gestures and eye contact). Which is so essential for a lot of close-up magic.
Message: Posted by: Atte (Oct 16, 2014 02:21PM)
I think Justin Flom have some routines that he does with camera and projector. If I remember correctly you can find some on his youtube page. I also saw one performance at TED which was quite different bevause it was a mix of magic and camera tricks. You can check that out from here: http://on.ted.com/t0BIk

These just came to my mind, maybe you will get some ideas from them.

Message: Posted by: Stefan S. (Oct 18, 2014 03:41AM)
Hi there,

it depends on what you want excactly and for what sice audience?

But the Projektor hast to have as much "lumen" as possible, that is how the brightness is measured, at least 2500 ansi lumen more is better!
A projector always has a throu ration, which gives you the distence and screensize.

Camera nowaday most camaras will do the job, I do not recomend a GoPro since they can not zoom and have a wide angle, which sometimes is good but most often you would rather have something that zooms!

Connecting the camera to the projector is another problem if you want do use HD you either have HDMI oder DVI, HDMI you will find on most cameras and projectors DVI is better sind the connection is supoorted by screws. Next problem is the distance between camera and projektor a regular HDMI or DVI cabel should not be longer than 10 meters after that the connection might get lost. If you need more cable you need an amplifier now we are talking thounds just for the cable. If you do not mind a lower resolution it becomes a lot cheaper and easier. Cable lenght is no problem anymore and it costs next to nothing.

Next is the screen, front or rear projection, rear projection is better but you need the distance from projetor to screen, in this case a "short Throw projector" is the way to go. Rear projection does have the advante the audience is "looking" into the light the projector does not need to be as bright, with a front projection the screedn only reflects the image! If you do step in front of the projection you do get a shadow, rear projection you do not! Once again rear projection the screen is more expensive but can also be used for a front pojection!

My equipment costs: Camera ~$1500.--, projector ~$2000.--, screen ~$1000.--. My screen is not that big, when the venue gets bigger they usualy have a projector and screen!

In case if you do have more than one source, camera and laptop for a presentation it gets even more difficult, because you need to switch the source on the projector, easy solution you use the remote that comes with the projector but you will get a blue or black screen with maybe to logo of the proector whil it is looking for the other source, I can live with it, since the professionals way to go is to use a seamless switch, once again you need the cables and the switch on someone to opperate it cost for the cheapest switch I could finde was still ay beond $4000.--. If someone does know a better and cheaper solution please let me know!

Best Stefan