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Topic: Magic Square Cheat App
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Oct 6, 2014 11:01AM)
Concept by Wayne Rogers with special thanks to Luis de Matos. Check out Luis' DVD "The Magic Square".

A number between 20-99 is freely selected by a spectator. You have a grid drawn on a board standing on an easel. The iPhone is hidden on the pen shelf or in a small box that holds the pens. You enter the number as you reach for a pen. Then you secretly peek the numbers as you fill in the grid. Tap the total again to return to main screen. Only two digit numbers are accepted so if you make a mistake, enter another number and it will overwrite the previous number.

Message: Posted by: DynaMix (Oct 6, 2014 01:32PM)
Wow that is quite expensive for something many can do in their head.

If it secretly wrote the numbers across the springboards' natural grid of icons or provided some other sneaky means of giving us the numbers, it might have more value. But I currently have this cribbed to me via my watch and it seems to work fine...
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Oct 6, 2014 09:22PM)
I have to try and keep it out of the hands of the mere curious. I would like to protect the Magic Square from laypeople at least with the App because it makes it too easy.

Using the Luis De Matos squares and not having to do any math is a big advantage to many but if you have something that works for you, that's fine too. It's not for everyone.

Message: Posted by: Agent86 (Oct 7, 2014 12:19PM)
I perform the Magic Square and have for about ten+ years now. If you know anything about the effect you know it can be daunting to have to calculate what turns into the square on stage in real time. I've written a few pamphlets and published some effects using easier methods to get to where you need to be "solution" wise. Just recently I was introduced to an app created by Carl Andrews called “MagicSquareCheet” - even though I’ve mastered the formulas years ago, this app allows you to convert Any number from 20-99 INSTANTLY! Also, it takes care of that pesky Magic Square problem where you have bizarre number combos like a 1 and a 74 in the same row or column. It works in Real Time on iPhone or iPad and has some cool features to make your life easier in front of an audience. If you’ve ever thought about performing the Magic Square but have been scared away by the tricky formulas download this app now!
Message: Posted by: chicane (Oct 9, 2014 08:50PM)
Some of this has been covered, but as the guy who came up with the idea, here is some more background to the MAGIC SQUARE CHEAT app for iPhone/iPad.

Luis de Matos produced a DVD on The MAGIC SQUARE which included PDF files of the cueing method used in his stage presentations.
When you have to produce squares for larger numbers, the normal calculation system generally shows up lower numbers in the mix that can lead to spectators seeing an “awkward” pattern.
Other writers such as Doug Dyment in STIMULACRA have also approached the problem in different ways.

Luis’s approach was to use a series of squares specially constructed that avoided this problem.
On a recent visit to New Zealand with The Illusionists 2.0 Show, we met at a lecture,
and he gave permission to have an app made using his squares construction.
I passed on the details to Carl Andrews and he wrote the app.

Using the app gives you the ability to have any numbers between 20 and 99 called out, and you can instantly have access to the correct square.
No memory work or calculations are required.

How the phone or iPod can be hidden is briefly covered on the notes that come with the app, and more details will be added to Carl’s site as they are prepared.
You can simply have the phone in your case and set it up as you pick up a pad. My personal method is having the phone concealed in a hand-held board.

I recommend getting Luis’s DVD for other presentations and ideas for a professional presentation of the Magic Square.
Get the app and add the Magic Square painlessly to your act!
Message: Posted by: Manolo Talman (Oct 10, 2014 05:24AM)
Hi, I just download the app and I have found some bugs in the squares, for instance if you choose 21,22,23,24,30 ...(and many others) some numbers appears twice or three times... the beauty of the magic square its that all numbers are totally different.
could do you check this?

Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Oct 10, 2014 12:42PM)
Aloha Manolo,

These are the Luis De Matos squares. I have not viewed Luis De Matos DVD. I imagine he probably covers that question on the video but I don't know the answer. If I find out I will let you know or perhaps Wayne or Luis can respond.

Message: Posted by: chicane (Oct 10, 2014 05:19PM)
It would seem that the de Matos squares may have been "optimised" for the higher numbers. Luis just gave permission for us to use the squares.
I have re looked at his DVD and there is no mention of why it was be done this way for some squares. We have simply used all his squares as they were on the DVD.

I never say in a performance that all numbers will be different, and have had no comments from lay audiences.

Carl could possibly look at changing some squares in a later update.

In the meantime I hope you find that the convenience of an instant square with no calculations outweighs the disadvantages of this "bug" as you call it.
Message: Posted by: Carl Andrews (Oct 10, 2014 05:30PM)
Wayne is correct and we will probably change the few squares with duplicate numbers to a different formula. We also have permission to use another set of square so we substitute. Another idea my be in the future to include an option between different magic square authors who give permission for their squares to be added and the user would choose which format they wanted to use. People are loving this already and I think it will grow. Even though for some it is easy I still love No formulas. No memory work.
Message: Posted by: chicane (Oct 30, 2014 05:06PM)
Looking at the duplicate issue that is a worry to some members, I looked up Chuck Hickock's book Mentalism Incorporated. In Chuck's Automatic Magic Square formula for the number 32, I found there were 2 numbers duplicated in that square, so it was not a problem for Chuck if that number came up. I did not check the whole range of possible numbers.

Doug Dyment in his book "Idiopraxis" addresses the problem of the lower numbers between 20 and 33, and apparently has found a solution. I have ordered Doug's book and have his permission to incorporate his workings into a future upgrade of Magic Square Cheat https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/id922633712
Message: Posted by: chicane (Nov 4, 2014 01:32PM)
OK. To create a 4 x 4 square without duplicates the target must be 34 or greater.
The range on our app is 20 to 99 so there will be duplicates in the lower numbers.
However they should still add up in the 28 conventional ways.

If duplicates are a worry for some performers, make your target number greater than 34.