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Topic: Black Heart & Bourbon purchase left a bad taste in my mouth-
Message: Posted by: blsorg (Oct 13, 2014 06:01PM)
This was the first weekend in a while that I didn't have a show or anything else
going on and was looking forward to relaxing and reading a book.

So I purchased 'Black Heart and Bourbon' (Dee Christopher).
Am very disappointed. After downloading, then browsing through the book, I noticed that
chapter 10 was completely missing in the pdf.

I contacted Mr. Christopher, and he said that he must have sent Lybrary.com an unfinished
version, but not to worry, he'd send me the correct version later in the day. That was 3
days ago. I never did receive it even though I sent him 3 reminders.

I contacted Chris Wasshuber at Lybrary.com and he immediately credited my purchase.
Great service from Lybrary!... but stinky from Dee Christopher.

I know that mistakes can happen, it's just the uncaring attitude on the part of Mr.
Christopher. That will be the last time I order a Dee Christopher item. If you purchase
this book, check to make sure all the chapters are there.
Message: Posted by: Zuke (Oct 14, 2014 04:05PM)
Thanks for the heads up, I think I'll give that PDF a miss. When it comes to ordering props/books etc. I can forgive anything except bad customer service. I have had superb customer service from some dealers and dreadful service from others, I never make another order from the latter.
Message: Posted by: Nestor D (Oct 21, 2014 12:42PM)
And he did tons of advertising (at least five mails) for this book... :(
Message: Posted by: takeachance (Sep 4, 2015 04:02PM)
Any review of the contents good or bad.
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Sep 6, 2015 08:49PM)
Blsorg, you should keep asking Dee. He is a performer as well, surely very busy, and some times some tasks just fly by.

Try to contact him thru Facebook.

Message: Posted by: Sicorace (Sep 28, 2015 05:40AM)
How was the rest of the book?
Message: Posted by: Argon (Feb 11, 2017 03:56PM)
Hi guys, I know I am late but thought I answer the question any way. 😀

But let me start with a disclaimer and my 2 cents on customer service in our art.

I do not know Dee personally but have email him on three occasions and yes he was late in answering them too. I just got interested in his work after seeing his penguin lecture which I do recommend. As with many artist, after you see them work you understand their creations better. Back to the emails, he was always friendly and did not find him "uncaring".
I am not a working pro but please remember these Artist have to make a living, they travel a lot and have little time. I have found this to be true for most us. But I have never encountered an unfriendly magician in our trade. Yes some take time in answering but they are always approachable and friendly. Also I am sure the majority does not get rich on selling their effects. Their reasons for sharing their inventions and ideas have more reasons than just money. I ask you, where in the world of entertainment can you just email a entertainer and he will answer you and talk to you. Try that with you favorite music band or actor. 😀

I am very proud of our community and the way we are supporting each other as a group.

So blsorg, please have bit more understanding for others and you will be a happier man. If you want perfect customer service, go to amazon, but they do not offer what we need and you are only talking to very good trained call center agents. In the end you got a book for free. The creator received nothing and you are angry. Strange...

Now to the book:
First of all it is an insight into Dees thinking and how he works. There are lots of little things that help in your performance and make you a better. Overall the book is solid and for me the highlights are DCB, very devious and I think he is just marketing for blackpool and Colour a really beautiful routine.

I hope this helps.

Oh, one more thing I never understand: Why these Mindreaders do not know before we mail them what we want and answer preemptively. Man that would save time 😀

Take care