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Topic: You'll hate me for doing this, but...
Message: Posted by: Nick Broad (Oct 15, 2014 11:05AM)
But yet again I'm asking for the help of buskers on The Magic Café.

First of all, some updates:

- We presented busking as a viable way of rejuvinating cities to the United Nations, at their UN Habitat conference in September.
- We produced (out of pocket) a mini-buskerfest in London
- We've helped buskers get hired for gigs, flown to festivals and donated to, for the last two years
- We're putting in a new busking scheme on the Amsterdam subways (opening new pitches)
- We've never charged buskers for anything

But, we're nearly bankrupt. We've got various funding options, but we literally are looking for money to see us through until the end of November. So, we created this.


Here's what you'd get as a troubadour (E.T.A. by end November):
- Ability to make digital donations in the street
- Ability to sell your DVDs straight to people's phones (we take a 5% commission)
- A streamlined "hiring" service (we don't take a cut for this like other agencies)
- Ability to build fans and a digital audience while performing
- Link your in-person audience to your online networks
- Internal messaging system
- Have your events featured on the homepage
- Entered into special competitions and giveaways
- AND you'd get your share of our "profits" (if there are any)

We're making a tool that boosts your audience, gives you a way of getting donations in a cashless society, helps you sell DVDs (while performing!), and gets you gigs.

So far, one of the four buskers who was testing our service got on the BBC, because it's such a 21st century idea.

I'm totally here to chat if you need more info: nick@thebuskingproject.com

But for those of you who don't know me, I've been working with (and helping) buskers for four years. Please check out that link!
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Oct 17, 2014 10:22AM)
Hi Nick
I appreciate the work you have done for the busking community. As soon as I get back from Las Vegas I would like to show my surpport.
If you have not herd form me by the 30th of October can I ask you to shot me an email, mario.morris@hotmail.co.uk
On the road.
Message: Posted by: MVoss (Nov 9, 2014 01:02AM)
Seems like a worthy cause and a solid mission.
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Nov 11, 2014 10:23AM)
I don't hate you at all. If anything, I hate myself for not being able to kick in for you.