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Topic: Error! November 2014 is out now!
Message: Posted by: tommeepickles (Oct 16, 2014 05:20PM)
I received an email earlier today that stated "November 2014 is out now!" and linked to http://www.magicmagazine.com/x/magazine/view/2014/november which delivers a 404 error. When I go to http://www.magicmagazine.com/x/, the last issue it displays is Yu Ho Jin October 2014.
Message: Posted by: tommeepickles (Nov 3, 2014 10:01AM)
This bookshelf still only shows up to last month and the link described above and in the email is bringing up a 404 error.
Message: Posted by: tommeepickles (Nov 24, 2014 08:42PM)
Two months now not include online. What is happening? Is this just for paid online users?