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Topic: Gali-Gali 1
Message: Posted by: funsway (Oct 29, 2014 07:42AM)
Some of what Gali-Gali offered to a collection of kids was about Cups and Balls. I will offer the quote and then explain the impact on my over the years. Please accept that what I remember may not be completely accurate. “Memory defuses fact” and there was a lot of discussion over this information with other magicians. Some of what I recall may be their opinion instead. Also, Gali-Gali’s English was not that good and what I heard may not be what he intended.

“I am not good magician. So, I decide to be a good performer instead. I wear big robe to look bigger. I do different magic with chickens so I not be the same as others.”

I can’t help reading Whit Haydn’s important messages about Character Development without flashing back to Gali-Gali. As my hands have become more crippled with arthritis I ask, “what can I do now” rather than lament over “what I usta could.” This has led to the creation of many new effects.

“Baby chickens are cute like Easter time for Americans. They are good props. They lay on their side until I tap on table like peck of mother hen. They make no noise when tucked in shirt. They crumple up small like silk scarf. They are cheap.”

We all laughed at that. Then had to explain the pun that he had not intended. Later when I was studying communication and concerned with :know your audience” I remembered that small difference in the comprehension of a word can make or break a magic effect.

“Many chickens die when I do these magics. Some in my hands that I do not mean. Most in shipment by Post Office or heat in back of stage. Many worms die to make silk handkerchief. A thousand clams die to color my blue scarf. A million people die to make my country free. In magic we conquer death and make things live again. Each yellow chicken is a baby Jesus and the cup that cave like in the Bible.”

From time to time my thoughts on these statements have changed. I will let each reader interpret them as they choose.

“magicians today are too concerned of what you call Loading. The audience does not care where the chickens come from, only how they run around and make many and disappear. My robe look like woman when I start and skinny beggar when I am done. They only remember the magic and that for a short time they not worried about bills or long drive home.”

Yes, the audience today may be more critical of angles and movements to the body – but only because they are trained to look at life through a tiny window of TV or Iphone. That is not reality – but one you have to deal with. I question whether any effect performed 50 years ago should be used as a model of what will work today. On the other hand you, as a performer, has an opportunity to teach each spectator what good magic should be. The most important message is that the story told to grandchildren by a spectator is far more important than what actually happened.


more to come
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Oct 29, 2014 06:46PM)
Thank you!

The quotes are about what I would expect from Gali Gali! Although I never knew HIM, I did know a few other old carnie magicians. (I broke in as a teenager, working in a "ten in one" in the mid '40s.

Your last paragraph re" "50 years ago effects and whether they would "work" today, caught my eye. We used to do a lot of body loading a kid, with baby bottles, rubber chickens, etc. I have cut all of that material in the last 25 years. (to avoid any possible "charges" of child abuse, etc.) I'm writing that up in my book.

Thanks, Ken. I'm anxious to hear more.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Oct 29, 2014 06:51PM)
[quote]On Oct 29, 2014, Dick Oslund wrote:
I'm writing that up in my book.


that will be a "must read"