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Topic: Richard & Swan Cardini
Message: Posted by: Rudy Sanchez (Nov 1, 2014 09:09AM)
Very Rare Silhouettes cut by Dai Vernon of Richard Cardini and his wife Swan Cardini.




Message: Posted by: Mike Gilbert (Dec 3, 2014 03:24AM)
These are awesome!
Message: Posted by: john magic wright (Jan 2, 2019 11:19AM)
I canít put the pictures on but I have an original deco Cardiniís cards which were framed in a picture of cardinal which belong to Channing pollack any bronze plaque the stars of magic award from New York ring number 26 international brotherhood of magicians to Richard Cardini for his great contribution to the art of magic October 30, 1959 and original 8 x 10 sign by Cardini