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Topic: Vernet Invisible Hand- modifiable?
Message: Posted by: jruiz0216 (Nov 2, 2014 12:53AM)
Hello all, have a quick question. I recently received the Vernet IH and after going through the instructions I noticed that the anchor point is at the wrist (watch). For anyone that has an IH, is it modifiable to be strapped at the forearm area like the Perfect holdout? thank you on advance
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Nov 2, 2014 03:34AM)
You are more then welcome to place it anywhere you wish. I have found the wrist gives the most flexibility in delivering the device. If you shorten that to say - the forearm you are shortening your action on the line. You really have to play, experiment, and practice to find what works for you. I would say the wrist give the most flexibility for all the tricks you will perform. You would not want to have to go hide just to make adjustments for each trick you wish to perform.

My advice is to work with it as described, then when comfortable, try the shortened line and stroke. I believer the proper place to wear a wristwatch is just above the wrist bone. Some of the so called bracelet wristwatch bands are worn at the wrist bend in front of the wrist bone. If you do not wear your watch above the wrist bone, then go buy a wristwatch band and just wear it above your wristwatch. That is if you wear a wristwatch.

Have fun and keep practicing.
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Nov 2, 2014 05:11AM)
As Bill said, you can put it anywhere you darn well please- but it's a question of mechanics.

The farther the anchor is towards your fingertips, the more force is exerted on the other end. Conversely, the farther the anchor is towards your shoulder, the less force.

The Perfect Holdout, while similar, operates using an entirely different force/weight ratio due to its design. You can't compare the IH, really, because they're two different animals.

Long story short:

The farther up your arm you go, the more ineffective you'll make the action and the necessary motions will have to be correspondingly broader... to the point where the device simply will not work.

The Miller style holdout is a very finicky beast and requires a lot of practice, adjustment and just plain getting used to wearing and working with it. Jack wore his constantly for a reason.
Message: Posted by: jruiz0216 (Nov 2, 2014 01:47PM)
Thank you for the responses. I'll just install it and get used to it for now. I'm excited though for the effects that may be possible.