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Topic: Oracle of Batboy reveals all.
Message: Posted by: jbum (Jan 28, 2004 04:41AM)
Hi all, I'm Jim Bumgardner, the author of the "Internet Lie Detector" as well as some other computer-assisted effects.

Thought you folks might enjoy my newest card revealer, the talking "Oracle of Batboy", which I am hosting on my "Krazydad" website. Ultimately, it's going to use the typing of questions for input, similar to my "Orville" program, but right now it will do a nifty card-reveal if rubbed the right way.

Here's some links to the doogies:

Oracle of Batboy

Internet Lie Detector

Metascope Mind-reading effect:

(reveals cards and also does psychic predictions - for Windows & Mac)

Message: Posted by: trilam (Jan 16, 2005 06:31PM)
I just stumbled upon Jim's online effects. His site was a recommendation on Richard Sanders' site.

These are brilliant effects, that are ideal for the office or at someone's place on their PC.

I am really surprised that they have not been discussed more by Café members.
Message: Posted by: Mystician (Jan 16, 2005 08:44PM)
I never thought I'd like computer assisted magic, but bondoogle has got to be the coolest idea to marry the internet and magic !
You really do excellent work.