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Topic: The Accidental Confederate
Message: Posted by: MrCyNic (Jan 28, 2004 10:14AM)

Just got back from the barber's. They know I'm a magician there but, until today, all our magic discussions have been on a purely theoretical level.

So anyway, Steve (the barber) is just putting the finishing touches on my flat-top when his assistant (also called Steve) asks me if I can show him a trick. He's got a deck in the back somewhere. Despite the fact that I almost never perform without some kind of psychological run-up, I agree (it was, after all, a very fine flat-top). Steve-the-assistant darts off to grab his cards and I start running through a couple of ideas I can pull out in a hurry (again, something I rarely do). I also run a mental checklist of all the reasons why I so rarely perform cold (it occurs to me to wonder: if you have an impromptu set all rehearsed, is it still impromptu?). Bottom line is that improv just isn't my thing.

Back comes Steve-the-assistant with his deck of cards. I've had them in my hands for two full seconds before I realise what I'm holding: a Marvin's Magic Wizard Pack (strippers) in as-new condition.

Flashbacks of my time as a deck-pitcher fill my head and, before I know it, I've forgotten all the tricks I was planning on stringing together and launched into a reliable, time-tested stripper routine from the old days. The jaw/floor dynamic becomes suitably interesting.

The thing is, the next time I go back, should I tell Steve what kind of cards he has? He's certainly interested enough to learn...


Message: Posted by: kerpa (Feb 19, 2004 06:32PM)
I would hold off on telling him, to see if he is interested to learn a **different** trick with cards. If he is and is willing to pursue it, then I would tell him.

Just my 2 cents.

a/k/a Mike Miller
Chicago area