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Topic: Book repair
Message: Posted by: Silvertongue (Nov 9, 2014 09:00PM)
Hi guys does anyone know how I might fix this book I bought for an effect I've been working on? Would you take it to a professional? or do you have any DIY advice. I'd rather do it myself. The book although in bad shape wasn't cheap. Any advice apprechiated.


Message: Posted by: MagiChrisMitch (Nov 9, 2014 09:31PM)
Send it to a pro! This bindery has always served me well & quite reasonable:

Bessenberg Bindery
7300 W. Joy Road
Dexter MI 48130
Message: Posted by: PROF BC (Nov 10, 2014 06:54AM)
Absolutely send it to a professional. There are bookbinders and book repair people in most areas of the world. Do not attempt it yourself unless you have been trained in bookbinding and have all of the necessary equipment and proper materials.

A botched book repair is forever.

Message: Posted by: Circusman (Nov 10, 2014 08:05AM)
If it's of any help to you, there are a number of copies of the 2008 version of this book for sale cheap on the big auction site.
There is also a copy from 1930.

Bobby Thomson.
Message: Posted by: Silvertongue (Nov 10, 2014 10:33AM)
Thanks for the advice guys. The copy I have is an advanced copy which is part of the story.
Message: Posted by: Intrepid (Nov 10, 2014 09:56PM)
A real man would fix it with duct tape. ;-)
(Just kidding. You already have the sound advise you where looking for. Good luck with the project.)
Message: Posted by: MentalistCreationLab (Nov 10, 2014 10:03PM)

One great bookbinder.
Message: Posted by: Perkins (Nov 10, 2014 11:32PM)
[quote]On Nov 10, 2014, MentalistCreationLab wrote:

One great bookbinder. [/quote]

Thanks for the share, Bill. Looks like stellar work.
Message: Posted by: pickin_grinnin (Nov 28, 2014 12:22AM)
I would send something in that condition to a bookbinder. I have been a librarian for 11 years, and wouldn't try to fix something like that myself.

The upside is that you can have a really nifty cover made to your specifications, if you like.