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Topic: Magic Jake ! Have you joined the project ?
Message: Posted by: CENDRE (Jun 17, 2002 08:42AM)
Just a question :
Have some of you joined the Magic Jake Project ?

Many tricks among the 20 he exposed for $10 are very good looking. But even if the clips are very well made, I doubt of the quality of the explanations... (sorry Jake! )

Can anyone do a review of these effects?
Are they worth the $10? Do they have angle problems? Can we use these effects in real life performances ?
Message: Posted by: KingOfSpades (Jun 19, 2002 02:10AM)
Jake is a really cool guy. I've seen one of his video explanations....looks pretty good.

As far as real life performances? Well, I must admit...I think Jake takes advantage of what the camera can and can't see.

Have you ever seen his Spin Change with "ditch" included? I think he does the actualy spin change, but then lets go of the card and lets it fall down to where the camera can't see.

Other than that, Jake is a great guy who has a lot of talent.
Message: Posted by: CENDRE (Jun 19, 2002 02:22AM)
Thank you KingOfSpades !

10 $ is not very expensive... I will not be too disappointed if I don't find what I expect :)