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Topic: Out of 10,000, how many . . .
Message: Posted by: Ron Crumley (Jan 29, 2004 10:47AM)
Of the nearly 10,000 registered members, how many remain "active" within the Café? (I realize this probably isn't a fair question, but it's intriguing)

Thanks - Ron
Message: Posted by: Gene (Feb 11, 2004 09:39PM)
Well, "active" is impossible to tell. Post counts are the only way I can think of, though I'm sure some people register just to use the PM system and/or register just to say "I'm a member there!". ;)

Here's the raw data (as of this moment):

Users with at least one post: 5567
Users with more than 10 posts: 3009
Users with more than 20 posts: 2433
Users with more than 50 posts: 1788
"New" users (1-100 posts): 4614
"Regular" users (101-200 posts): 500
"Loyal" users (201-300 posts): 189
"Veteran" users (301-400 posts): 89
"Elite" users: (401-500 posts): 41
"Special" users (501-1000 posts): 95
"Inner Circle" users (1001-10,000 posts): 29
"Eternal Order" users (over 10,000 posts): 0

Our most prolific poster is Peter Marucci, with a current count of 4,114 posts. Of course, he's been around here almost from the beginning, along with us other bums. :bg:
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Feb 12, 2004 04:57AM)
Many folks post almost daily, then seem to disappear for awhile only to return some months later posting once again.
Some members join but never post and a slew of folks visit almost daily but are not officially registered.

In the end all that matters is that we have a great group of people here who are willing to act like adults and help one another. Those who do not understand the concept of common courtesy frequent other lesser establishments, or in some extreme cases start their own websites where other such folks in need of special guidance or medication can gather. Probably a good thing since we have enough to handle here as it is! :lol: