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Topic: Bicycle Essence Playing Cards
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Nov 20, 2014 10:53PM)
Hey gang,

Another new deck from my pal Mike...

[url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2104052526/bicycle-essence-playing-cards]Bicycle Essence Playing Cards by Collectable Playing Cards[/url]


[b]The Bicycle Essence and Essence Lux Playing Cards are beautifully crafted to catch the eye while staying true to classic courts[/b].



[url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2104052526/bicycle-essence-playing-cards]Essence Classic[/url] will have a print run of no more than 4000. Each deck will be numbered and this deck will never be re-printed.


[i]THE BACKS...[/i]

The back card will boggle the mind with its unique swirls and curves. The gold and maroon compliments the granite black back drop.


[i]THE COURTS...[/i]

These court cards stay true to the original Bicycle design, but with an updated marble teal and red color. It is outlined with royal gold to show off the status of the figures. The backdrop is consistent with the granite black. The golden pips extravagant design goes very well with the array of colors as well.


[i]THE ACES...[/i]

The detail in these golden pips are like nothing that you've seen before. It is an intricate yet symmetrical design that flows through each corner. Again, the gold really pops when placed on the black back drop. The "A" is a long subtle reminder that you have just selected an Essence Ace.



The Joker's play along with the same teal and red colors as the court cards. Notice all the subtle circles in these jokers which will play trick on you.



[i]LIMITED DECK...[/i]

[url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2104052526/bicycle-essence-playing-cards]Limited Edition Numbered Essence Lux[/url]. Only 1000 will ever be released. If the print run is over 1000, the extra decks will be destroyed. These will not be offered as add-ons.Essence Lux is a rare find and that is why we covered it in royal red and gold.


[i]THE BACKS...[/i]

The back card is drenched in gold and displays a design fit for a king.


[i]THE COURTS...[/i]

The court cards are either completely gold or completely royal red. The pips are a little less dramatic than the original Essence Deck pips. It gives off a fresh and visible pip that will give card collectors a nice view when fanned out.


[i]THE ACES...[/i]


[i]THE JOKERS...[/i]



[url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2104052526/bicycle-essence-playing-cards]The Bicycle Essence Deck[/url] has already been approved by USPCC for printing. We expect to receive the the decks by [i]March 2015[/i] and immediately begin shipping to all our backers. We do not anticipate and challenges with this project.

How do we print and ship out rewards so quickly? We have a close relationship with USPCC. They are able to print our designs quickly and we have a state art fulfillment center to quickly ship out our backer rewards. With out you, our backers, we could not make this happen. A BIG thank you to Kickstarter and most importantly all of you!


[url=http://www.collectableplayingcards.com]Collectable Playing Cards[/url]