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Topic: Why magic is awesome!
Message: Posted by: Terrible Wizard (Nov 23, 2014 11:50AM)
A thread of celebration.

Magic is awesome because it provides me with many moments of wonder and enjoyment; it keeps me feeling young; it keeps me pushing at the limits of my digital dexterity, powers of memorisation, and leads me into the interesting and, to me, different world of scammers, cheats, freaks, hustlers, showbiz types, clowns, carnies and cardsharps.
Message: Posted by: russellajallen (Nov 23, 2014 12:02PM)
I used do dabble a little in my teens then I had about a 10 year gap and now from nowhere my interest has spaked again.

For me it's awesome because it's sparked my love of learning again, real study - I've read more in the last six months than I've read in six years. It's also an excuse to show off a little and demonstrate something I'm good at which doesn't happen very often.
Message: Posted by: Ray Bertrand (Nov 23, 2014 02:24PM)
MAGIC IS AWESOME..... because it allows us to suspend disbelief, to be entertained and to experience joy in our lives. As a performer, it gives us the opportunity to bring joy into people's lives and to take them into a magical realm so they forget about all the problems they may be experiencing. People need a break from reality. It gives me great pleasure to see the joy, laughter and merriment in the faces of spectators.

Message: Posted by: Christian Wilde (Nov 23, 2014 03:34PM)
It's awesome because it's given me a whole new dimension in my everyday life filled with wonder, fun and...magic. I feel it excersises my mental capacities as well. Yeah it really is pretty awesome 😀
Message: Posted by: Kaneda (Nov 23, 2014 06:19PM)
I think magic is awesome because its never ending. There is always something new to be discovered or learned. Either it be a old effect you didn't know exsisted or something that has yet to be invented. And to be able to share your discoveries with the world and show them something they will never forget is magical.
Message: Posted by: Mike Gilbert (Nov 23, 2014 09:26PM)
Indeed, magic is awesome because it transcends language, culture, age, and time. Some of the newest effects in existence are also some of the oldest effects in existence. Oftentime, you don't even have to speak to get your point across and amaze someone. Everyone, regardless of where you come from, loves to be amazed and feel like anything is possible. You can literally change lives with magic, and that is a beautiful thing.
Message: Posted by: Vlad_77 (Nov 23, 2014 10:04PM)
Magic is awesome for all the above stated reasons and I want to add another. Very few civilians actually get to witness well performed and well executed close-up magic. I would hazard a guess that the same holds true for stage magic. Every time we perform, we are sharing this rare, ancient, and beautiful art to others for the first time. I love watching adults become as children again when they watch magic. Magic, like music is a healer. It allows us and our spectators to forget the ills of the world for a brief time and welcome the illusion of a space and time where anything is possible.

Great thread TW!!