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Topic: Hello Sailor
Message: Posted by: tommy (Nov 30, 2014 04:39AM)
High stakes: Navy admiral in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal ‘made his own fake $500 poker chips and spent more than 1,000 hours at casino table playing poker’

Message: Posted by: AMcD (Nov 30, 2014 08:38PM)
"Mr Giardina claims he found the fake chips in the mensroom at the Horseshoe Casino"

They never cheat, never their fault, it's clever/advantage play, there's always an excuse/cause/reason, etc. :).
Message: Posted by: cheesewrestler (Nov 30, 2014 09:05PM)
That guy should absolutely not be in charge of a major military program.

Using the fake chips more than once at the same casino was a serious error in judgement!
Message: Posted by: FatherWilliam57 (Dec 1, 2014 08:59AM)
"Mr Giardina wrote that he does not have a gambling problem and does not consider poker a form of gambling."

:confused: :confused: :confused:
Message: Posted by: Artie Fufkin (Dec 1, 2014 07:33PM)
Poker is a game of skill
and 1000 hours is nothing when you realize that the grinders put in 70+ hours per week to make a living, and this guy plays for 15 hours each week?
15 hours is nothing.

the fact that he sat at a poker table and played for 1000 hours means absolutely nothing in terms of confirming or denying any sort of "problem"

making fake chips is probably the only part of this story that might highlight the fact that this guy has any sort of problem, and even then that's just plain stupidity mixed with a larcenous heart....still not a "gambling problem".
Message: Posted by: tommy (Dec 3, 2014 06:20PM)
A 1000 hours is five grand at a fiver an hour to me and no skill required really. Poker, it's not personal, it's business.
Message: Posted by: AMcD (Dec 3, 2014 11:14PM)
If 15h/week of card playing is a problem, what about all those people watching stupid TV shows 8 hours per day? Some are even over 10 h/day...
Message: Posted by: tommy (Dec 4, 2014 12:04PM)
As opposed to all those sharp people at the magic Café? :)
Message: Posted by: AMcD (Dec 4, 2014 12:50PM)
I must spend 20'-30' per week on the Magic Café. In any case it's far more interesting than watching Big Brother or X-Factor (I name the most "clever" ones here...).
Message: Posted by: tommy (Dec 4, 2014 02:13PM)
Message: Posted by: AMcD (Dec 4, 2014 03:14PM)