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Topic: Club Magic
Message: Posted by: Bad-Boy (Jan 30, 2004 03:34PM)

Looks like I finally found my style. I almost only do magic in bars or clubs, but not things that make me look like a typical magician. I am dressed in black (black jacket/top/shoes and blue jeans).

I don't like doing card tricks that much because it's too stereotypical. I found it far more exciting for people when you use everyday objects and impromptu.

Do you guys have some ideas I could add to my stock of tricks in a bar/club that look...let's say that make people say "Coool" or "Wooow"? No card-tricks or sponge-balls or any kind of the same.

So far I've been doing the following:

- Mind Reading/Cold-Reading "Do you believe in mind reading? Ok, think of...whatever."
- Coin bite: "Yo, do you have 10p?"
- The Raven: "Ok I need a penny."
- Ashes in Palm: "Do you believe in Voodoo?" (reactions just average though!)

Well, that's mostly it. I also did The Switch and the Ambitious card, but that requires a deck. What other great tricks do you guys recommend I could use? I have purchased Jim Pace's Hot leads, but status still on delivery. Fire might be an opportunity, but need to be careful.

Any other great ideas that make people's jaws drop and freak out?

Bad-Boy :bikes: :shuckles:
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 30, 2004 11:19PM)
I'm shocked that you are only getting average reactions from ashes in palm. You should be getting some really strong reactions with this one.

Anyway, you might try adding these effects: Bendover Bills, five and one switch in your and spectator's hands, T&R Dollar, Two Dollar Bill Tear, Dining on dollars, any of a number of "Betchas" available on tapes at L&L and other dealers, any Doc Eason Bar Magic effects, available again at L&L Publishing, and I could probably think of others....
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Jan 31, 2004 07:08AM)
BB there is a whole section here at the Cafť that discusses just what you are asking in whole threads. The section is the Impromptu Magic section "Magic at a Moments Notice." Plus, if you are talking about performing in bars and small clubs and the like a more appropriate area to check out would be the "Table Hoppers and Party Strollers" section.

Interestingly you say that you are into things that donít make you look like the stereotypical magician yet dress in the bar magicianís uniform. Every bar magician I have seen (about a baker's dozen) including me, in the in the past three years dresses exactly as you describe (black shirt, black jacket, black shoes, and jeans!).

Maybe you should try dressing like a club/bar customer and really throw them off (in my area the typical bar "uniform" for males is polo shirt (trendy colors), or patterned dress shirt (no tie), khaki pants seem pretty much the norm (todayís version of the comfortable jeans), Blazer seems to be optional, but blue seems the color worn most often. Shoes tend to be loafers, but I see everything from wing tips, to Dr. Martins (my shoe of choice for a long evening), to running shoes.

I know that when I walk into my venues dressed as you describe, I stand out from the crowd and they know that I am the club magician. But I am being paid by the club to entertain their patrons. I am not springing magic on the unaware, unwanting, and unprepared.

As to advice for where you can find good impromptu stuff, the Greg Wilson stuff that Che has mentioned is OK. I would recommend the three tape series on impromptu magic that Dan Harlan put out a dozen years ago or so. There is more impromptu magic per minute on those three tapes than you will ever use! There are several references to be found listed on the impromptu threads go look. Half the fun is in the search.

I think itís great that you are finding your own style and have developed a philosophy of performing and have identified a niche for yourself. Who knows, maybe soon Iíll be seeing you on a TV special called "Bar Magic"! Hey donít laugh, it can happen! Good luck and have fun performing.
Message: Posted by: Bad-Boy (Jan 31, 2004 07:17AM)
Thanx guys.

On TV, moi? Well, who knows. :shucks:

Actually I really don't look like a magician, but still intriguing enough to make people wonder. :)

Ok, I will check the Impromptu and the party strollers section to get some more info.

Bad-Boy :bikes:
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Jan 31, 2004 02:40PM)
Get yourself an ash pen. Then you'll see cards effects in a whole new light! Talk about a jaw-dropper!