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Topic: Limited 2 for 1 downloads of Case 21 and Transfix!
Message: Posted by: InstantMagicBen (Dec 10, 2014 04:26AM)
Hello all,

Leading up to my new release I would like to give a little back to the Café for all the support.

For 1 week, if you buy Transfix directly from myself, you will get Case 21 for free!

Use this promo code on the below link (click on 'HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE?')= MAGICCAFE7DAYS


Each effect is $15 each, however as mentioned above its $15 for both effects.

For those unfamiliar with the effects, you can see them here with videos.


or the discussions here


There have been fantastic reviews for both effects so I hope you enjoy these, any questions I will be happy to answer.

For those who have previously purchased Case 21 or Transfix, please PM me and I will organize sending you the other effect!

Kind regards to all,

Ben H