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Topic: Sankey's 'Self-Evident' like effect
Message: Posted by: Lonewolf123 (Jan 31, 2004 11:24PM)
Hi guys, I have juz seen the effect in Jay Sankey's '22 Blows to the head' dvd where the card the spectator chooses is the only blue backed odd card. I found that this effect is simpler and cleaner than David Regal's Self-Evident with the right presentation. What do you guys think of it? (Ps:i know how the trick is done as it utilises a similar principle I read somewhere)

I have tried this out today and fooled a couple of my relatives when they came round visiting this afternoon. I repeated the effect 4 times and still they couldn't figure it out.It rocks!
Message: Posted by: Paul (Feb 1, 2004 09:18AM)
"I repeated the effect 4 times and still they couldn't figure it out."

Why repeat it four times? Do you normally repeat things until people DO work them out? :worry:

Maybe doing it once and following it with three other tricks would be better. Apart from a couple of exceptions, the general rule is never to repeat the same trick immediately to the same audience. Have you never heard that? Don't you know why? :dizzy:

Message: Posted by: Lonewolf123 (Feb 1, 2004 10:24PM)
Well, cause I'm very confident of this trick to laymen that it will be impossible for them to figure it out. Rest assured man, it was just a test of how deceptive this trick is. I only perform it that many times as I was entirely sure they won't be able to notice anything suspicious and it would seem like real magic to them the more I could repeat the effect.
Message: Posted by: HiraseMagic (Feb 2, 2004 07:24AM)
How can you be entirely sure? And, if, they fortunately find out the secrets, what would you do with it?

Anyway, personally, I believe it violates the general rule.

Message: Posted by: Lonewolf123 (Feb 2, 2004 09:10AM)
Nay, its just this once(real confident of the effect)...i don't repeat tricks for others.
Message: Posted by: davidcarlo (Feb 7, 2004 03:01AM)
Regal's version is a standard part of one of my acts (with some modifcations which, for me at least, make it a stronger revelation and really minimize the chance of missing on the force). I am not familiar with Sankey's version. Is the effect any different? Is the method signifcantly different?

Forget my last posting--just say the videoclip? Who and why would you carry around a 12 card packet with all jack of spades and a queen?? I like a lot of Sankey's stuff, but I'll stick with Self-evident. Choosing one of 52 much more powerful, never mind that it makes much more sense using a full deck--that can then be used for some followup effects if handled properly.
Message: Posted by: Lonewolf123 (Feb 10, 2004 05:08AM)
Well you can use a full deck for Jay Sankey's effect too if you know how to control the card with the gaff.
Message: Posted by: Chris Thibault (Feb 13, 2004 11:10AM)
Sankey's presintation answers why you would carry around a packet of 12 cards or so. It is similar to another one of his routines that uses an entire deck. I use this routine constantly and it gets great reactions. I highly recomend it!
Message: Posted by: Lonewolf123 (Feb 13, 2004 09:30PM)
Probably one of the best routines in his dvd there which I'm planning to get!