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Topic: Sample Gospel Routine?
Message: Posted by: Joe Bryant (Jun 18, 2002 12:40PM)
John wrote in another thread: "I usually make a case in my introduction, saying something like this: "What I appreciate about illusion as an audience is that when it happens, for the moment it happens, the impossible is made visible. When you think of it, that's a pretty good art form to use to speak of and give glory to life's Lord because Christian's believe that in Jesus Christ the impossible has not only been made visible, it has been made real. So for a few moments this evening I'd like to use the art of illusion to speak of the truth of Jesus Christ. "

I'm brand new to the magic thing. But this idea of combining magic with the Gospel is very interesting to me. Does anyone have a sample routine that they've found to be effective that they would share? Basically, something that included and expands on the patter John starts off with above?

I just don't have a clear picture of how this would tie to a presentation of the Gospel. Or am I missing the point - is it more common to see a general entertainment type routine that just happens to be for a church audience?

Much thanks in advance.

Message: Posted by: Georgia Boy (Jul 5, 2002 08:23AM)
It sounds like that was just his intro into a Gospel based illusion, or set of illusions. I taught a 4th grade class on Gospel illusions and you could take almost any 'regular' trick and give a message.

If you are familiar with "The Wordless Book" approach of a Gospel presentation, I use a change bag producing silks of each color in the Wordless Book and explain each one, at the end the silks are put back in the 'empty' bag and WALA! a bouquet of spring flowers is produced.

As a worship leader to over 300 kids each Sunday, I use illusions all the time. They love it! If your getting interested try a book called "Magic with a Message" (PM me for the authors name, it's not in front of me right now), a GREAT book with wonderful teaching methods and a head-on look at magic mixed with The Gospel.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Jul 5, 2002 10:40AM)
I agree with Georgia Boy!

With some thought, you can apply a Gospel/Christian/Biblical message to any effect.

John shared the intro that he gives (a very nice one BTW) that helps do a couple of things; It assures the audience that you won't be Conjuring, or fooling around with magick, but rather that you will use illusions as a tool to give Glory to God through his honoring of Jesus Christ. As it does that, it also assures his audience of his theology. And lastly, speaking as he did, John also shows us a comfortable way of reminding ourselves that once we have taken the platform, it is still not for our own glory, but for Christ's Glory. (That is something that some of us forget in the light of the glare of the spotlight)

Now as for a sample,

I just did a routine that I had prepared to use as a filler, in a larger routine, because I didn't have a "gospel" routine for it. But it is a nice effect and extra time in my performance so I was going to do it. I had been thinking about it, and praying for wisdom. Then as I began the silk cabinet routine, and pulled the required 3 scarves as the last three items from an empty production tube to begin, It came to me. The yellow scarf - reminded me of the Streets of Gold in Heaven when we will someday live eternally. And the Purple/Blue scarf reminded me of who we will be with - Royalty! King Jesus. And the Red reminded me of why we will be able to be there; because to buy our ransom to allow us to someday walk on those streets of Gold, The King, The Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, gave himself on the cross.

Then as I began to insert the silks into the small silk cabinet, I wondered out loud why I, or anyone else would, even for a moment - forget where we will be, his Diety and Royaly, and how we were purchased for so great a price.

Then I wonder again more loudly, why some of us forget about those things so completely, that even if we go back and look at our everyday life, we see no evidence; we can't find them. I show the small silk cabinet empty now! And talk more about what a pity it would be if we never knew, and so we should do as Christ said, and go and tell the world. But in our own lives, where is our memory of the assurance of where we will be, who we will be with, and why we have this blessed assurance.... have we tucked it away?

Then I point to the large silk cabinet that was sitting open, and empty - far from the small one, and ask if anyone even remembers now - the gold, purple and Red, and what they mean. Someone often does, and I ask them to tell, and if they do not, I remind the audience.

I then close the front of the large cabinet and move it closer to the audience. And I say, "But, do you know what? Whether you remember or not. Whether I remember or not, God is still God, and....." - I open the front of the large cabinet and tied to the previously empty bar that goes through the center are the Gold, Red, and Purple silks. which I then remove and restate my interpretation of what they represent.

This isn't a transcript of my act, but a rough recollection, and I have used specific scriptual references for each of the three representations, depending on time, audience, and God's leading. And my point here wasn't to provide a "ready for prime time routine", but only to show how, just the colors of the silks - provided the basis for a multistep routine that involves:
1. The appearance of the silks from a production tube,
2. The vanish of them into a small cabinet, 3. The reappearance of them at a distance, tied, in the larger cabinet that was previously shown empty.

I am not encouraging "winging it", but I am encouraging that you be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as you prepare. Ask God to show you what you need to know and then apply His Wisdom to the effect.

Sometimes you will have a requirement; some verse to illustrate, or principal to demonstrate. Other times you will pick up a self evident effect, where it "tells you", by it's construction or nature, the message (or maybe the seed of the message.)

And other times, the Message will come to you, and you will need to choose the proper effect to illustrate it.

It is easier for some than others. But if it is not your gift, then ask around and read a lot. Greater Gospel Magic by Duane Laflin is a tremendous resource.

God Bless!

Message: Posted by: Georgia Boy (Jul 5, 2002 12:52PM)
Nice effect BroDavid!

One more point on using 'regular' items for Gospel magic for whoever is considering it, Jesus used 'regular' items in His parables, he used what were common items of the time to make a timeless point, I would in fact rather use a coin, a hanky, or a soda can over some of the items manufactured specifically for Gospel presentations. And I completely stay away from items that have a
'picture' of Jesus on them. (how do we know what color his eyes are?)

Bless you all...
Message: Posted by: Dolini (Jul 12, 2002 10:14AM)

I go to Bible study every Thurs. I have started performing Gospel Magic when it is my turn to do the lesson. I use the Gospel Magic to show the point of the lesson.

An Example:

I use The Perfect three card Monte. I use the King of Hearts for the middle card. I tell them it is very important they get this choice correct. Make sure you choose the King of Hearts, the card with the Red Back. When they choose the card I tell them not to turn it over till I ask them a question. Who is the King of Hearts to you? Without hesitation I tell them to turn over the card and announce "You have made the Correct Choice." They look at the card and it has Jesus Christ written on it. Hope you like it I made it up awhile ago.

Dolini :angel:
Message: Posted by: Georgia Boy (Jul 12, 2002 08:43PM)
Very nice Dolini! They now sell this effect in jumbo-sized cards, but they use a picture of Jesus. I like your idea of having His name written!
Message: Posted by: JBlaxton (Aug 27, 2002 07:48PM)
Hi, still new to the Café, but thought I'd share a production routine used to illustrate a Bible story with some basic props. I won't actually give away exactly how I do it yet, but some of you could easily come up with your own way.

In developing a program on the theme of FAITH, I decided to tell the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and the firey furnace. On my table, covered with a silk are a pint-sized glass jar, and an envelope. I tell the story up to the point where they are to be thrown in, then I remove the silk, picking up the envelope. I remove a large paperclip from the envelope and drop it into the glass jar. One at a time, I remove three small orange pom poms and drop them into the jar. I cover the mouth of the jar with my hand and begin spinning the three pom poms around. When I stop spinning them, a fourth pom pom has appeared in the glass jar... just like the Son of God appeared in the firey furnace.

I talk about how their faith affected their decision, and would have done so, EVEN IF they had not been delivered from the furnace.

This effect involves palming, but my fingers are kind of chubby, so I had to develop a gimmick... That's all I'll say.

Till Next Time,
Message: Posted by: tglund (Aug 28, 2002 11:19AM)
On 2002-07-12 11:14, Dolini wrote:
Example: I use The Perfect three card Monte. I use the King of Hearts for the middle card. I tell them it is very important they get this choice correct. Make sure you choose the King of Hearts, the card with the Red Back. When they choose the card, I tell them not to turn it over till I ask them a question. Who is the King of Hearts to you? Without hesitation I tell them to turn over the card and announce "You have made the Correct Choice." They look at the card and it has Jesus Christ written on it. Hope you like it I made it up awhile ago.

Dolini :angel:

This effect is marketed by the Doc Haley Magic Company at http://www.gospelmagic.com The effect is appropriately titled, "The Original King of Hearts" They sell it in several sizes.


Sounds like a great routine. Would you share the name of the original effect and where it could be found. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Aug 29, 2002 04:10PM)
I use the Crystal Silk Tube (3 silks go in separate, but come out tied together).

I use this in my mission work as a church planter. The 3 different colored silks represent either

1) Three different churches (racially different, denominationally different...)


2) The teams that go out to share the Gospel during our work - each team consists of a national believer, an interpreter, and an American believer.

The point is that there must be unity among the believers, as the Bible commands.

Of course, some of my magic is used to train believers in the importance of evangelism and discipleship. Then on the field, I shift to working with folks who need the Lord.

But I love the Crystal Silk Tube.
Message: Posted by: JBlaxton (Aug 30, 2002 11:16AM)
I just kind of put it together myself. I don't know if anyone else has done it before or not.

I am a pastor, and am preparing a performance for Sept. 8th at my church. I was thinking about some other tricks, and just looked in my office at some stuff I had lying around. I picked those things up, and it just came to me how to do it. A couple days later, it clicked that the Firey Furnace story fit so well.

Send me your Email address, and I'll send instructions. I would like some feedback on it from some folks who have been at this longer than me.

My Email is: jblaxton@hotmail.com
Message: Posted by: metaphyzix (Sep 28, 2002 03:54PM)
I used a mental photography deck once to illustrate why people shouldn't judge others...
Message: Posted by: jkvand (Oct 13, 2002 01:12PM)
One of my favorite gospel adaptations of a popular trick is soft soap. I use white scarves with red food coloring on them to represent the stain of sin in our lives, then talk about though our sins are as scarlet, they will be made white as snow. Then I pull out the clean scarves and share about how Jesus forgives us and washes us clean. This has a powerful impact, even though it's a 'sucker' effect. I close by saying that God doesn't hide our sins or cover them up (as I look at the bleach box), but that He removes them altogether. Then I show the box empty. Our sins truly are GONE!
Message: Posted by: sdgiu (Nov 9, 2002 06:54AM)
I know that it is probably as old as the hills, but the professors nightmare is one of my favorites. The trick fits so well with the concept of everyone being the same in Gods eyes, or there are no big sins or
little sins to God there is just sin, So if it's wrong, it's wrong.

I can't beat it for a simple well
illustrated message. (plus the fact that it
is fairly easy to do.)

I love these routine ideas guys, please send more.


P.S. The more I re-read my posts the more I
realize how obvious childrens church workers
seem, we're (me) rather simplistic in
approach, but that's ok when you work with
small kids. Gotta love 'em (Jesus said so.)