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Topic: Juggling gags
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Jan 1, 2015 03:01AM)
Having trouble remembering standard gags

Spinning parasol with ball and string.
Plates that stack high and tip over as you run.
Ball on nose using tape.

My memory is going
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jan 1, 2015 04:56AM)
Jay...INERTIA! (the eggs, tray, and glasses bit) Needs a table, and there are a dozen "pieces" to schlepp around, But, if the situation is "right", it always plays!

Also the balls "stacked one on top of the other".
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Jan 1, 2015 11:08AM)
Yes the balls. I forgot. I've got a pool cue, on the drawing board and forgot to mention the ball balancing.

And it's been so long since I've "Joey'd around"
Message: Posted by: thomhaha (Jan 1, 2015 07:23PM)
Bounce a ball - then bounce another, which is made of clay and splats on stage

juggle crochet balls (one is rubber) - bounce the rubber ball on head while clacking two hard balls together

succeed at trick - pull ribbon & medal from pocket for jacket; miss a trick, remove the medal
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Jan 2, 2015 07:07PM)
Good, good

Besides a confetti bucket, what are some that the audience gets involved with?
Message: Posted by: harris (Jan 31, 2015 06:37AM)
Middle juggling Block stuck to your belt buckle.
Message: Posted by: Karen Climer (Feb 15, 2015 09:09PM)
I can't remember who did this, but he would juggle in the dark. He turned the lights off. Then he would talk about how he was juggling 3 balls, now 4 balls. He would describe the whole thing. (Everyone is sitting in the pitch black theater.) Then you would see him crawling around the floor with a flashlight.

I can't think of who did this...
Message: Posted by: Mr. Danny (Mar 22, 2015 08:13PM)
If you see me juggling, It's a gag!
Message: Posted by: harris (Mar 23, 2015 11:49AM)
Behind the back...political juggling.

Dropped ball....K.U. basketball juggling
Message: Posted by: MagicJuggler (May 23, 2015 06:18PM)
The ping pong ball on nose is best done with rubber cement that way you can toss it up in the air and catch it on the nose before straightening your neck and showing it's actually stuck there.
Message: Posted by: JoelDickinson (Jun 21, 2015 02:23AM)
Look at my video at www.chaplinlookalike.co.uk for ping pong ball with further gags. I use a glue in the UK called copydex as its perfect.

Also I have a routine (not as Chaplin) where I say 'ladies & gentleman I'll now perform some juggling for you all" I then head to my case, remove the balls and drop the juggling balls constantly, as I pick one up the other falls & my hat falls off my head continually. The dropping lasts for about 3 minutes & the audience are laughing throughout. I finish with the three balls in my hands & I put them back in the case whilst saying "and that was that, thank you very much".

Message: Posted by: AndreOng1 (Nov 12, 2016 03:48PM)

still my favorite juggling act to this day, simple but entertaining.
Message: Posted by: charliemartin (Nov 26, 2016 09:29AM)
I could watch Michael all day. Same with Charlie Frye.
Message: Posted by: That1MagicGuy (Dec 6, 2016 12:30AM)
Charlie Frye is very entertaining.
The ECCENTRICKS Dvds with Charlie Frye got some really good ones.
Message: Posted by: livejeh (Jan 2, 2021 06:14PM)
Message: Posted by: Lucky7 (Feb 19, 2021 01:23PM)
The one I sometimes use is pretend to juggle behind my back looking towards the audience.
I try to flash some balls so they have a glimps of me trying to fool them.

I will let them catch me and reply " you think I'm cheating, well I'll turn around then"
And I juggle BBB (blind behind back)

Of course you need to be able to do this juggle pattern :-)
Message: Posted by: Roberto Juan (Apr 19, 2021 01:01AM)
I juggle 4 inch bright orange foam balls (from the dollar store) for the kids and I like to sometimes bounce a ball off my forehead. It gets a laugh. If I drop a ball on the grass, I use the tip of my foot to pop it into the air, like is done with a soccer ball or Hacky Sack. Sometimes I will toss a ball high in the air and let it drop on the ground (so I get a good bounce) and then kick it up into the air, and then resume normal juggling.