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Topic: Happie Amp Single Speaker Placement
Message: Posted by: Tony Thomas (Jan 3, 2015 08:35AM)
For those that us a Happie Amp (single speaker) for smaller shows, where do you place your speaker?

Centered behind me? Centered in front of me? By my table, real close to me? Or on one side of the stage, similar to a typical two speaker set up (without the other speaker?

I use an iPad with this playing music with remote control, and an audio mic (several options). I'm thinking through sound issues (wanting to avoid feedback), and aesthetics of a single speaker set up. I have always used two speaker systems to this point.

Message: Posted by: arthur stead (Jan 3, 2015 12:50PM)
Tony, I always use mine to the side, just ahead of my rolling table. I place the speaker on its stand in line with where I and my volunteers will be standing.
Message: Posted by: Tony Thomas (Jan 3, 2015 04:51PM)
Thanks Arthur. So your amp is real cose to your center table. In line with you. Any issues with feedback? I assume you are pretty close to the amp, maybe sometimes walking in front of it?
Message: Posted by: arthur stead (Jan 3, 2015 05:08PM)
Hi Tony,

Perhaps I didn't explain my set-up properly. The Happie Amp speaker is is actually about 2' further ahead of my rolling table, off to the side. In other words, when I or my volunteers are onstage, the speaker is still just ahead of us, facing the audience (at a slight angle, pointing to the middle of the back of the room).

This way, I'm able to get enough volume without any feedback problems. That said, I only use the Happie Amp for smaller venues, and I'm very "happie" with its performance for daycares, home parties, smaller libraries, etc. When I perform at larger venues (such as auditoriums, theaters or school gyms), I use a self-powered SRM350 Mackie speaker.
Message: Posted by: Tony Thomas (Jan 3, 2015 06:13PM)
Gotcha. Thank you.