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Topic: Any For $20
Message: Posted by: Waters (Jan 3, 2015 02:44PM)

Any of my works will be on sale for $20 (each) until Monday (shipping not included, if applicable).


Just choose and PayPal to watersmind@gmail.com
And mention the title in the comments section of your payment.

I will email upon receipt.

Best Regards,

Message: Posted by: Gorgeous (Jan 3, 2015 09:57PM)
What a great deal! People should jump on this.
Message: Posted by: Tim Cavendish (Jan 4, 2015 03:28PM)
Sean Waters' work is thoughtfully excellent.

I bought his complete works package last year and am very pleased.
Message: Posted by: Waters (Jan 5, 2015 04:33AM)
Thank you Gorgeous (it was just fun that type that) and Tim, your comment is appreciated as well. I am glad you are enjoying the ebooks.

I had a few people PM last night, wondering if this "sale" was still on. Thank you for your interest. I will honor the special discounted price until Wednesday, midnight Pacific Time (read: 2-day extension). I will send files the next morning, since I am East Coast. Take your time.

I believe in the full value (read: price) of these routines and nuances, but you dears are helping me buy a little something for my show. Thanks!

You are welcome to PM me with any questions.


Message: Posted by: NebA (Jan 5, 2015 04:42PM)
I was able to take advantage of this sale, and I just want to say that Sean was extremely nice to me. He was very helpful and gracious, so if you needed any more convincing (not that you should!) you can know that you are helping someone who I think really deserves it!!
Message: Posted by: Waters (Jan 7, 2015 05:38AM)
NebA, thank you for the gracious comment.

I am honestly a surprised with the number of people who have participated. I hope that you enjoy the ebooks.

Today is the last day for purchasing my ebooks for with the "Any For $20" offer
They can be found here: http://watersmindworks.com/releases
To purchase any for $20, paypal to watersmind@gmail.com and mention the ebook title in the comment.


Message: Posted by: DrewBstoss (Jan 14, 2015 10:14AM)
I am SO bummed that I missed this! I don't often frequent this sub-topic but will start paying attention to it now!

Sean's work is the best kind - inspiring! I've got most of his other works but would have loved to pick up Canvas through this offer.

For those that haven't "tested the WATERS" with Sean's work yet - you're missing out on some powerful presentations, clever routining, and impeccable writing.