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Topic: Tuc quarter and expanded [ So many possibilities
Message: Posted by: chasesummers20 (Jan 10, 2015 01:56PM)
I just received my expanded[ from todds commercial site. It fits perfectly over my tuc. This nest is pretty fun to play with. I wonder who can come up with the coolest routines. Here is a little trick.

Effect:He Shows three coins in his left palm. The magician openly takes one coin out and visually places in his pocket and shows right hand empty. He then waves his right hand over the coins and there are 3 again. He then openly takes another quarter out without closing his left fist and openly places it in his pocket. He then shows his right hand empty again. He takes the remaining coins in his left hand and transfers now 3 to his right palm. Again there are 3 coins remaining. He takes one quarter out one last time, this time closing his fist and asks the spectator "how many coins do I have in my hand. They reply. He says no there are none. All the coins are gone now and you end clean.

If you feel comfortable posting any simple ideas for this nested set then do so below. This will be fun.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Jan 10, 2015 04:35PM)
Since the TUC is magnetic I can be Idled like a Hooker.
The combination of a Exp [ and Idled coin is called Birch Stack with dozens of effects published including an incredible Close-up Misers.

The additional features of the TUC allow for easy additions to these effects. The effect can also allow for a TUC to be Switched In for a borrowed quarter.

example right off the top ...

Borrow a quarter. Toss it back and forth between your hands to "heat it up" and show empty. Split the coin in two, one tossed to the left hand.
Show both hands with coin on palm and close fists. Wiggle little fingers and open hands - both now in right hand.

Toss one back to spectator. Split that one in two and repeat - now both in left hand. Take one and visibly drop in pocket.

Split again and repeat. Spectator guesses which hand they will be in. Hussah! Take one and toss in the air to vanish.

Take the other one in the fingertips and rub. Both hand now empty.
Message: Posted by: chasesummers20 (Jan 10, 2015 05:44PM)
Funsway I knew you would be the first to reply to this. I know you are really clever with the TUC.