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Topic: 3 Card Monte
Message: Posted by: kid iowa (Feb 4, 2004 10:33PM)
Looking for info on this for a project for school. I have the Scoundrels Notes on the 3 Card Monte, but was wondering if anyone knows of a site that has some more info, preferably with pictures or stories so that I can jazz up the presentation. Any help at all, personal stories or pictures that you know of would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim.
Message: Posted by: Chris Berry (Feb 5, 2004 12:14AM)
Last I heard the School for Scoundrels covered pretty much every aspect you needed on the Monte!

Do a Google search. I am sure you will find a few sites with pictures.
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Feb 5, 2004 05:57PM)
I have got this book for sale called "Find The Ace" selling for 5.00 + P&P. You probally get over your side of the pond.
Message: Posted by: salsa_dancer (Feb 10, 2004 06:09AM)
This is a great trick for school. I used to scam dinner money from my friends with it. hee hee
Message: Posted by: Tyler (Aug 2, 2006 03:35PM)
I won a ton of money with the two headed coin. Shame on me. Hehehhe
Message: Posted by: Tyler (Aug 2, 2006 03:36PM)
When I was a youngster in school ofcourse! (Refering to previous post)
Message: Posted by: crdshark86 (Aug 25, 2006 09:19PM)
Check out Lee Asher's Catch 33! Its an excellent routine and its available from Lee's website for 30$.
Message: Posted by: crdshark86 (Aug 25, 2006 09:20PM)
http://www.leeasher.com/product_catch33.htm- Go check out the reviews! its greatttt!