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Topic: Geomtrick instructions
Message: Posted by: the magic guy (Feb 5, 2015 01:36PM)
Hello there, I recently purchased a geometric, at a yard sale near the Hamptons for an unbelievably low price of 10.00 . However, the package was unpacked, and the gimmicks sold in a little cardboard box without the instructions! I also suspect that it's slightly broken for the price I got it for. If anyone would be kind enough to pm me the instructions, or to send them to my email which I will attach to a pm if you message me, I would be very thankful. In the case that it's not repairable or is just plain broken, I will attempt to build a replica out of legos to test my building skills. Thanks! (Sorry, but I am never going to sell this trick or trade it in case your wondering, because I really like the effects and tend to actually use my tricks a lot instead of just collecting them)
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Feb 5, 2015 01:59PM)
You should have the "holder", plus a grey insert that goes into the holder with two loose green pieces that fit into the grey insert (square and circle frames) as well as a solid circle and square piece.
Message: Posted by: the magic guy (Feb 5, 2015 03:15PM)
Yeah, I have that, but the holder has a crack near the part with the hole in it, and I don't really understand how to set up the trick. I get the general principal, but I want to see if the instructions have any suggestions on handling etc. etc. And English instructions if any pls. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: the magic guy (Feb 5, 2015 03:16PM)
I just realized I spelled the post's name geometrick as geomtrick by accident!
Message: Posted by: the magic guy (Feb 6, 2015 07:51PM)
So, anyone have the instructions then? I realize it's a hard trick to find, and I hope I don't sound impatient, I don't want people to think I'm someone like that.