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Topic: [Review] Rendez vous, by Martin Goh
Message: Posted by: Ado (Feb 11, 2015 09:46PM)
I stumbled upon a great deal online, and aquired that DVD just for the sake of it.

Rendez vous contains two effects: a sandwich, and an "aces lost ine the deck come back to the top". They use a principle of gimmicking cards that is very basic. In fact, I'm pretty sure that for the price of that DVD, you can find a book with 20+ tricks that will explain that method if not that very effect... The sandwich is very strong, but after that, you can't really use your deck anymore, so it may be good to conclude a routine/session, but in practice, I don't see myself use it because it doesn't qualify as practical in my book.

The DVD came with the gimmicks, but also explains how to do them. There are no spoken words, only video with some irritating electronic music that is just distracting.

Video editing is good, with a few close ups and window-in-windows, as well as some text in English overlayed that explains a few things.
Sound is correct, but as I wrote, irritating mostly.
Performance is bad. In the main performace, the cards are in bad shape, Martin is cheap enough to show that a card can be signed, but doesn't go as far as signing it, and his handling of the cards would be pretty good over the phone. It almost seems like he's making a DVD of a trick he just learnt.

To conclude, the sandwich effect is strong, but in terms of practicality, I'd reserve it as a quick effect to have fun with other magicians, before explaining them how it's done, having a good laugh, and moving to something else. The aces trick is forgettable, as you get tricks as convincing in pure, yet simple, sleight of hand.
I probably paid 3 to 5 USD for that DVD, and I think it's still expensive.