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Topic: First time out
Message: Posted by: Chad C. (Feb 6, 2004 08:52AM)
Hey everyone,
Wanted to let you know that this evening I will be out on the streets busking for the first time to get some experience. We have a big event downtown on the first friday of each month with lots of people in attendance just walking and browsing up Broad Street. I have checked about permits and asking for tips and got the ok, so I'm excited and will give everyone an update on how it goes.

I plan on using a routine which will include:
Professors Nightmare
Change Bag into comedy tt routine with smaller silks
Two Card Monte/into Red Hot Mamma
Linking Rings
Cup and Balls/Sponge balls

I'll also have a few more tricks to bring in or swap out depending on how it goes. It should be a great learning experience-I know the tricks and routines so now I just gotta do it.

Have a nice day.
Message: Posted by: kid iowa (Feb 6, 2004 10:09AM)
Good luck, let us know how it turned out!