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Topic: Fit Bit Bracelets
Message: Posted by: BrianMillerMagic (Mar 17, 2015 12:11PM)
Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has attempted or developed techniques for the Fit Bit bracelets that are becoming so popular? Since watches are worn less and less by the day, it seems these bracelets might be the next logical thing to steal in their place. I have a magic student who wears one, and she let me play around with potential techniques, and I have to say, they require some serious force to dislodge.


Anyone have thoughts?

Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Apr 7, 2015 10:16PM)
So far, I haven't bothered. But I wonder if you slid your finger in between their wrist and the band where it latches (going by the picture, I don't have one to play with) if it would make the you latching easier.
Message: Posted by: Alex McInroy (Apr 21, 2015 11:09AM)
Some have a classic buckle strap but most, like shown, basically have silent snaps. I've only done the steal once, but it was far easier than a watch. I was able to peal the strap apart, plus you don't have to take precautions about it accidentally reattaching like a watch might.
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Sep 19, 2015 09:09PM)
To me, I feel that the older pull tab watches would be the similar technique to go with. Apply pressure to the strap that is on the wrist and pull the tab. No sharp movements, just be smooth.