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Topic: Steve Freeman
Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Mar 20, 2015 03:17PM)

Hi everyone, I was told that Steve Freeman is one of the experts' expert cardmen. Does he have any videos or books? Or how can I possibly contact him?
thanks in advance!

Paul's response:

My experience with Steve is that he is a gentle man, very kind and more than willing to share insights on magic with interested students. He IS very close with certain material, particularly things not in print, or that are not his to share. But he has always been very generous with his take on standard techniques or effects. The first time I met with Steve was in a chinese restaurant in SF 25 years ago (maybe more?). We covered all kinds of subjects in a pretty long and open session. This has always been MY experience with Steve, and I'm certainly not unique.
The Vernon tapes do not begin to do justice to Steve's prowess. Remember, they are meant to be expository. Steve demonstrates Vernon material with no spectators to respond really, and with the intention of teaching the material, for the most part, not entertaining you with it.
Re: contacting Steve - though he may not want his contact info posted publicly, I'm pretty sure that a letter posted to him C/O The Magic Castle would reach him.
Best, PSC