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Topic: The Jiggle Pass
Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Mar 20, 2015 03:30PM)

I just bought Gary Ouellet's The Pass Book. English isn't my primary language, so I have problems to understand the Jig. I will bought the video soon, but before I'd like to know if anyone has a demo of the jiggle pass or half a jiggle pass.
Thank you in advance.

Paul's response:

The original Elias manuscript describes the pass as a squaring action. The name is an unfortunate choice because of the images it conjures. The "Jiggle Pass" is an invisible control properly executed, and looks like nothing, in fact passes completely unnoticed. Careful reading of the text will guide you, as it has many others.

RE: justification - it is a given that sleights should be invisible, cloaked in normal appearing actions, or inserted in the plot when attention is elsewhere, otherwise, what's the (plot)point?

We need justification for the "action" (Do we?). Does that mean that without
"justification" the audience would see, either the action itself, or a tell that warns them that you "did something"? If so, are we trying to force a move into the effect just because? Should we, instead, try to find a sleight/control/subterfuge that makes sense in the context of the effect and our own style of card handling? Just wondering...