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Topic: Triumph (I bought the Tarbell series)
Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Mar 20, 2015 08:35PM)

I was wondering what page(s) triumpth is on? I see it says four ace effects but blah. Im glad I bought these books....im learning to produce multiple cards now and show my hand front and back.

Paul's response:

The best known version of Triumph is Dai Vernons'. It appears in The Stars of Magic - originally a serialized publication and later available hard bound. It is probably still in print. Triumph does not, to my recollection, appear in The Tarbell Course, though there may be a version in the posthumous volumes (7&8...).

Many other versions have appeared over the years, but the original version details some handling that is applicable to many other effects, and is well worth the study. Interesting sidelight - the Triumph shuffle is actually derived from an EFFECT by Vernons' old friend, Jack McMillen.

Stars of Magic has all the effects neccessary for several complete sets. I have done entire shows using nothing other than the material in this book. Look at all the "classic" effects that this book covers: Cups and Balls, Two in the Hand, one in the Pocket, Travellers, Cards up the Sleeve, Triumph, Coins Through the Table, Copper Silver Transposition, etc. Great selections of great material!

Best, PSC