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Topic: Bunny Fun
Message: Posted by: El_Lamo (Feb 10, 2004 07:03PM)
I was entertaining at a Superbowl party. I brought some cards and my bunnies.

After performing a bunny routine, I was asked by one of the children to do the bunnies again. There was too much heat on me to do the same routine, so I showed her the Mommy Bunny and tucked it into her hand. And had her close it tight.

I then said, "No, Let's not give you the Mommy. I bet you'd like to see the baby bunnies. How many baby bunnies would you like to see... one, two, or three?"

"Three", the little girl said and I had her open her hand. The squeals of wonder and delight made my day! I know it seems very simple, but it worked.

Cheers - El Lamo