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Topic: Jumbo Moving Pips
Message: Posted by: Hayre (Apr 17, 2015 05:40PM)
Looking for name of an jumbo card effect.... even better, would like to buy one.
You show a jumbo card with 7 pups (spades?). By pulling a ring on back side of card, the 7 pips face visibly changes, as 3 of the pips move in a jumbled manner, to become 4 pips.
Message: Posted by: AndreaMooreMagic (Oct 5, 2016 04:13PM)
Why not just build the moving pip effect from Wayne Houchin to jumbo cards?
Message: Posted by: JNeal (Dec 3, 2016 01:54PM)
Hayre, send me a PM. I have made these before!

Message: Posted by: That1MagicGuy (Dec 6, 2016 01:20AM)
Great idea, never thought of it before. I think people will love it on stage.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Sep 1, 2017 08:02PM)
I closed my stage act for over 30 years with a moving pip card. I made them myself. :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Sep 1, 2017 11:16PM)
With the new thin magnets, all the mechanisms can now be hidden from view inside the card. E-Z-P-Z.
Message: Posted by: pattrick (Dec 4, 2017 06:42AM)
SEO Magic sell a very nice one . Mine is a 6 of diamonds rona 4 of diamonds.