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Topic: Looking For Advice My First Festival This Week
Message: Posted by: Gerry The Great (Apr 22, 2015 12:47PM)
OK So I've been reading Step right up for a few years. I've ordered Svengalis, Squirrels and Brite Bugs from Carl Zealer. I live in a beach resort area and did a "soft open" run the two weeks of easter on the porch of a huge gift store. I did pretty good and plan to be on that porch most nights this summer when the season ramps up. Write Bugs (light up finger tip delays) will work great as its in the evenings were everyone goes to eat. Ton of restaurants in walking distance.
I drive a bus during the winter months and have the whole summer to wok, pitching and magic. I plan to also do festivals this summer. I have Dons video, an ez up tent, weights to hold the tent down, and sides, a battery operated PA and wireless mike, and a banner on its way. Carl gave me a pitch table with the product I bought ( a big help). I have copied Dons pitch and been practicing.
Here's what Im looking for: Is the banner and pitch table enough color? How do you display the product? On the table? or only what you work with and rest under the table?
Any other tips/help would be greatly appreciated.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Apr 22, 2015 01:43PM)
Sounds like you're on your way.The table the banner and EZ up.I just put a dozen decks out on the table at a time.You'll find your "nitch" that works for you in time.Just go out and pitch and see what is best for the venue and you and makes the most money.
Do keep us here informed...all the best to you.

(I never say "good luck" as luck has nothing to do with it)

Message: Posted by: Gerry The Great (Apr 23, 2015 08:18AM)
Don, Thanks for your best wishes, you are awesome and thanks for all you do for inspiring new folks to pitching. I'm glad to see you still write on here.

I will not stop pitching until the five o'clock cut off! I am going to work the worm all day. Weather calls for 100 percent chance of rain. Ughh! at least I'll get really good with the worm, I have the card pitch down pretty good!
Message: Posted by: Gerry The Great (Apr 28, 2015 12:22PM)
So here's the follow up from my first festival it went great! While it rained on and off for most of the day I made some decent money as I stuck with it the whole time. I also ask for how many they wanted each time I pitched. I learned quite a bit for next time. My wife did face painting which helped bring in an audience. My 11 & 12 year old sons sold fortune telling fish and rattlesnake eggs on a small table in the back. That was a bit of a distraction but couldn't help showing and watching them take in some dollar bills and had to deal with rain water building on tent etc. I will go it alone for rest so I can work the tip better. I also need to stick to the script better on the Squirmles as my demo skills weren't perfect and not always doing it the same way. I broke my plastic wine glasses through the day and couldn't show him n playing in the glass. I will get plastic clear cups next time and get my pitch and demos skills perfect.
BTW lots of kids knew what it was, lots had one at home, but still kept going and sold quite a few of them. Svengali sold like hotcakes.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Apr 29, 2015 07:33PM)
Thanks for the up date Gerry...keep it up,and keep us informed.