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Topic: Tell-A-Photo by Max Krause
Message: Posted by: TheAmazingSteveo (Apr 27, 2015 04:54PM)
COMING SOON on Apple's App Store! Link will be added to purchase when it's available. $99.95


Imagine opening up your favorite photo album from a very popular app and showing your audience all the different pictures you have there. You can even take a photo using one of the fun filters and have that added to the album during the performance!

You now hand them your device and invite them to swipe through the many images. Once they are satisfied you ask them to turn the device face down and continue to swipe randomly and stop on any image they choose without looking at the images as they do so.

The spectator then takes a look at the image they stopped at and then they can swipe it away from view and hide the device from you or place it face down on the table. You ask them to picture that image in their mind and you proceed to reveal the EXACT image with 100% accuracy! This can be repeated as many times as you wish. Everything is examinable!


* Looks just like a popular app that has been downloaded over 1 million times!
* Completely self contained
* Create up to 10 different albums
* Add unlimited images
* Completely stealth
* Instantly repeatable as many times as the performer desires
* The performer never has to touch the device once it is in the spectators hands
* 100% Examinable
* 100% Customizable

This app has been designed with the performing professional in mind. Please contact us before purchase if you have any questions. Upon purchase you will have unlimited customer support via email and phone.
Message: Posted by: Greg Rostami (Apr 29, 2015 04:17AM)
I wish Max and Steve all the best with their new app.

Please change the name of the app from Tell-A-Photo to avoid consumer confusion with my teleFoto app.
Apple's legal department will delete apps that have similar names and functionality to other successful, established apps (like teleFoto) unless the developer changes the name.

thank you,
Greg Rostami
Message: Posted by: TheAmazingSteveo (Apr 29, 2015 05:57AM)
Sorry Greg ... your assumption is wrong ... I had nothing to do with programming Tell-A-Photo.

This is Max's app (100%) and it will DEFINITELY be a game changer.
Message: Posted by: TheAmazingSteveo (May 5, 2015 07:21PM)
Max's app is up in the Apple store now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id989877505
Message: Posted by: Max Krause (May 1, 2016 01:05PM)
Here is an uncut performance of Tell A Photo I did last night. I hope you enjoy.


Kind regards,
Message: Posted by: Max Krause (Jan 12, 2017 07:28PM)
Tell A Photo now has support for AW as well as PW!

Best regards,
Message: Posted by: Max Krause (Aug 28, 2017 02:08PM)
Hi All,

Version 1.2 for Tell A Photo is now in the app store. Lots of great stuff for the Apple Watch. Video is in the owner's group on Facebook. Download and/or update today!

Kind regards,