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Topic: Why should I join the IBM?
Message: Posted by: FirstimeMagik (May 9, 2015 09:12PM)
Hello Everyone,
My name is Angel, I'm 33 and I have been learning card magic on my own for 10 months. I really want to get serious about my learning but I have a lot of trouble desercning written material. I am a visual person. My question is I have been reading about the International Brotherhood of Magicians for a while now and I want to know what exactly do they do for me. I have been involve in plenty of subscriptions before and they have been great but what I want is actually contact with a community. Much like The magic Café. Any information will be great.
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (May 10, 2015 10:25AM)
Hello, Angel,

The I.B.M. can help you network with other magicians who share your particular passion. Depending on where you live, we can direct you to local chapters, called Rings, where you can meet, socialize, and learn with others. If no Ring exists in your area, we can help you form your own Ring and attract fellow magi. For a visual learner, the best way to learn is through direct contact with a skilled mentor or peer. This is the power of local Rings. Let me know where you live and I will find your closest Ring.

Message: Posted by: FirstimeMagik (May 10, 2015 12:04PM)
Hello Skip,
Thanks for the response. I have two rings near me, one in Murfesboro TN, and the other which is a little closer, Ring 37,is Nashville, TN. I have been debating for a few months now about joining IBM. I feeling direct contact would benefit me well. My main interests is card magic and the books are a little hard keeping my attention, its a learning issue that I have always had. Youtube and purchased downloads from ellusionist.com have been a big help for me. Im slowly working through The Royal Road to Card Magic, but if it wasn't for the youtube videos teaching me the fundamentals I still probably be working through the instructional of an overhand in-jog shuffle. lol. I am currently working on the top card palm but I do it a little differently than the books suggests. Feels more comfortable.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (May 10, 2015 01:12PM)
Hi Angel,
I live in Lebanon Tn.just east of Nashville.I have been to both Nashville and Murfesboro I.B.M. meetings and know a few of the guys.I don't belong and never have to any I.B.M.It's too political for me and other reasons I won't say here as I'm sure I would make someone mad.

I started with the Royal Road to Card Magic 50 years ago.But it took a mentor for me to really "get it" and getting it is way more than just learning the sleight's and some card trick routines.

Maybe out paths will cross someday.Once in awhile I'll take the Music City Star to Nashville on a Friday.Friday is the onlY night the train has a return trip to Lebanon at 10:30 P.M.

All the best to you...

Message: Posted by: Skip Way (May 10, 2015 07:37PM)
The best way to determine whether a Ring is a good fit for you is to visit one or two of their meetings. I would be interested to hear of your impressions of both Rings. Don't rely on the negative comments of others. Visiting I.B.M. members are always welcome. If you need help finding their contact and meeting info, please let me know.

Message: Posted by: MagicalEducator (May 25, 2015 01:06AM)
Every group has its positives and negatives. Avoid the drama and enjoy all of the benefits of hanging out with real people.
Message: Posted by: Tukaram (May 28, 2015 04:45AM)
Along those same lines... I live in an area with no ring. Is there enough online content to make joining wothwhile?
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (May 28, 2015 07:21AM)
It depends on your specific interests, Tuk. I.B.M. members have free digital, searchable access to over 90 years of The Linking Ring with its thousands of articles, trick parades, and columns through AskAlexander.com. Roberto Giobbi's incredible Introduction to Card Magic - a very well written course in card magic basics and techniques - is a free download for members. Member have access to affordable performer liability and group health insurance benefits. I personally consider The Linking Ring to be an excellent source of information and creativity boosters for my magic.

It is possible to create a Ring if you have ten or more magicians living within a decent driving distance of you. I once belonged to a Ring in Germany that met over a weekend every three months as most of the members lived several hours outside of Munich. I lived in Northern Italy at the time and really looked forward to those weekends.

It depends on what you're expecting - and willing to do - for your sixty bucks.

Message: Posted by: Tukaram (May 29, 2015 04:46AM)
Thanks for the input. Sounds like there is a lot of good online content. I will give it some thought, but $60 is almost a months rent...
Message: Posted by: AidanHeritage (Jun 9, 2015 10:44AM)
I have been a member of the IBM for a LONG time - a lot of the benefits mentioned (the insurance benefits for instance) may not be available outside the USA, but I'd still recommend membership. I'm a member of the british ring (ring 25) and proud to belong to both. The online resource is a fantastic resource, allowing access to some GREAT (and previously pretty well hidden) material!
Message: Posted by: robwar0100 (Jun 15, 2015 07:21AM)
I have been a member of the I.B.M. for more than a decade. I have found people to be extremely helpful. When I was in the Cincinnati area, Ring 71 members really helped me grow as a magician.

I now live in an area where it is not as convenient to make I.B.M. ring meetings, but I still keep my membership in the national organization.

I perform magic shows, and when people hear that I am a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, it has an impact on them. It signals to them that I am truly a professional. My affiliation with the organization adds a level of prestige that I cannot manufacture on my own.

However, while I get the benefit of having my profile raised by the I.B.M., I also have the responsibility of being a good performer who does not malign the good name of the organization.

Message: Posted by: harris (Aug 1, 2015 04:53PM)
Though family, church, regular job, gigs
and practices for 2 bands keeps me from much local activity
I still find value in The I. B. M.
Besides the information monthly T. L. R. and online,
I get bites and gigs from my I. B. M. Profile page.
One gig pays for many years membership.

I just re-upped for another year.

Still too old to know it all
Message: Posted by: Paul Budd (Aug 8, 2017 07:03PM)
I think, on the whole 'The I.B.M.' is a pretty good organization. I've often, though, felt greatly disappointed by how the organization connects with (or even TRIES to connect with) local Rings. Our Ring is in a medium-size city, not a giant metropolis, and like some things, it has been held 'hostage' off-and-on by a few officers who were madly in love with their own likes/opinions down through the years. I have probably been a member of this Ring for roughly 14 of the past 27 years, and in that time, we have NEVER had an IBM officer visit our Ring.....never. I can't speak for everyone, but I will say this: in my Ring, one's level of involvement in the club is COUNTER CORRELATED with one's skill as an entertainer. Yes, I'm feeling a little disillusioned with my Ring, but NOT WITH MAGIC as a whole......great magic will always be GREAT! :dancing: So, to the original poster: if you find a club you like, good for you! Jump in there! I have some fond memories involving my Ring, I really do! Participate, mentor others and have fun! BUT, don't let yourself bog down in 'club politics'....as that will take a lot of the fun out of it for you. Good luck!!
Message: Posted by: Anatole (Jan 2, 2018 09:51PM)
Revisiting this topic...
If you think outside the box, there are many ways being a member of IBM can be a great resource.

Back in the 70's I read the article "The Big Visit" in the January 1972 issue of _Linking Ring_ about Henry Hay/Barrows Mussey's 1924 visit with T. Nelson Downs. The article mentioned that Mussey lived in Germany, and coincidentally I was planning a trip to Germany for the summer. I wrote to IBM central office and got Mussey's address. I wrote to Mussey and he invited me to visit him and his wife when I got to Germany. On a second trip to Germany IBM gave me addresses for even more magicians. I had checked into a hotel once and called a German magician who I had met at a German IBM meeting. He invited me to stay with him and his wife. When he saw I had a tennis racket with me, he invited me to play at the private tennis club he belonged to.

Reading the monthly Ring reports provides some great ideas for monthly meetings of my own Ring.

Thanks to contacts through IBM, I have performed and lectured at regional conventions. At a regional convention in South Carolina, I was invited to appear on a local TV morning talk show--along with Rick Johnsson and Slydini. I wasn't even booked to perform at that convention. But I knew Rick from a Raleigh convention and it was Rick who drafted me to be one of the magicians on the show.

My side career of illustrating books for John Bannon, Ed Marlo, Roger Sherman and Alex Elmsley was made possible because of illustrations I had done for the IBM Ring 103 newsletter.

My life has been enriched many ways thanks to the IBM.

----- Amado "Sonny" Narvaez
Message: Posted by: Senor Fabuloso (Feb 21, 2018 05:55AM)
A friend from the states to do a gig in a convention center for a cooperate client. A man approached him and said "you know this is a union shop" My friend said yes and showed his IBM card. Since the word Brotherhood was on it he the union rep figured it was a union and went about his business. There is also an insurance incentive if I'm not mistaken? Where if something unforeseeable were to happen at a show the magician might be covered?
Message: Posted by: lnlver (May 31, 2018 08:34PM)
I joined my local ring a couple of weeks ago, and last night was my first meeting. They gave me free raffle tickets and I won Joshua Jay's 4 DVD Unreal package. Good things happen to those who join.
Message: Posted by: mr_misdirection (Jun 14, 2018 03:11AM)
[quote]On May 31, 2018, lnlver wrote:
I joined my local ring a couple of weeks ago, and last night was my first meeting. They gave me free raffle tickets and I won Joshua Jay's 4 DVD Unreal package. Good things happen to those who join. [/quote]

A double treat becoming an IBM member and obtaining Unreal. If you'd have bought your raffle ticket I would have said money well spent but getting it for free is even better.
Message: Posted by: Mike Maturen (Jul 3, 2018 11:07AM)
I am two hours away from my nearest ring. I attend whenever they bring in a lecture. I recently let my membership lapse, but after chatting with Michael Finney (the incoming President), I feel confident that the IBM is on the right track. I am submitting my fee today.
Message: Posted by: tvar10 (Jul 25, 2018 09:04AM)
I have an odd question. When you join do you receive a card or a diploma or something? I know its odd but I was just wondering. Thanks
Message: Posted by: Mike Maturen (Jul 25, 2018 02:09PM)
At least in the past, you received a certificate suitable for framing, a membership card and a lapel pin.
Message: Posted by: tvar10 (Jul 25, 2018 03:57PM)
Cool. Thank you
Message: Posted by: Robertology (Sep 5, 2018 07:38PM)
Yes, it's the same now. I just joined in January. Plus, your name is printed in the Linking Ring magazine. Just a list of names of the new members, but still a nice little gift to have your name in a magic publication!